5 Benefits of Health Life Insurance

health insurance

Ever thought why do you need health life insurance? No, well this is the right time to think about how and why, it might be one of the most important safety nets, missing from your life.  Firstly, let’s try to understand the mere significance of Health Insurance.

The reason for getting health insurance is quite similar to that of acquiring auto insurance, life insurance, or home insurance. Health Insurance protects and safeguards you and your family members, from any sudden financial crises, in the future. 

Policyholder receives a cashless treatment for any seen or unforeseen illness, injury, or accident if he visits a hospital, as mentioned in his insurance plan. His health policy number accounts for his payment for treatment.

Now you might ask why do I need health insurance when I already have my medical insurance. Here’s the answer to that!

What’s the difference between Medical and Health Insurance?

One can say that Health Insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy. It includes and exceeds the scope of your medical insurance too. Health insurance covers all medical costs in an event of sickness or any unexpected accident. 

It accounts for all pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization charges. Even the ones left unaccounted for by your medical insurance. Furthermore, health insurance gives you peace of mind while receiving difficult and painful treatments in a hospital. 

The money from your medical insurance and health insurance are separately accrued. Therefore, you can use the money from your Health insurance irrespective of your medical insurance, in whatever manner you need to.

Benefits of Nationwide Health Life Insurance

There’s literally an unending array of advantages to getting a suitable health insurance policy for yourself. Some of these include:

  1. Accidental Medical Expense

For any accident that occurs out of the blue, if it is insured by a health insurance plan. The policyholder will be exempted from cash payment for hospital admission, hospital stay charges, ambulance fees, and any x-ray or anesthesia expenditures.


  1. Accidental Death and Dismemberment

The policyholder receives the lump-sum cash accrued to the moment in time if he loses his life, limb, hearing, sight, or speech, unfortunately. Basically, the policyholder is traumatized if he survives the injury but loses one of his major senses or a limb. Instead of becoming a desperate nightmare, a health insurance policy comforts him. He retains his peace of mind as far as the financial aspect is concerned.  

  1. Catastrophe Cash

For a coma or paralysis catastrophic situation, the health policyholder gets the lump-sum amount. This is used for accommodating his medical expenses during his stay at the hospital. Even if the policyholder is alone, his expenses are covered although he is unconscious. This is how any sensible person prepares for his future. 

4. Emergency Sickness

If befallen by a sudden unexpected grave illness or a disease, the policyholder’s medical expenses are covered by the health insurance policy/plan. This can include any major or minor illness that befalls him out of the blue.  

5. Emergency Medical Evacuation

If an accident or calamity befalls a policyholder outside a 100 miles radius of his house, he is taken to the nearest hospital of that neighborhood and treated without cash payments. As soon as he becomes stable, he is transferred to a facility included in his insurance plan. 

6. Repatriation of Remains

The mortal remains of the insured person in case of accidental death are given to his family under the health insurance plan clauses. Obviously, the sanctity of the corpse values more than billions to the close family members. So it ensures that they can get whatever is left of him, unfortunately. 

7. Travel Assistance Services

Any charges which result from commuting to or from the hospitals are covered by the health insurance policy. This includes all transportation expenditures. If the policyholder is away from home, it also enables him to receive any assistance with regard to his vehicle and auto maintenance on the way.

Some Other Benefits:

  • Health Insurance accounts for all out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • Depending upon the type of policy and coverage selected, the policyholder does not have to bear pre-hospitalization or post-hospitalization charges. This offer stays available from 30 to 60 days after his treatment. 
  • This exempts him from paying any transportation charges. 
  • If you do not avail your health insurance policy for one year, it enables you to get an increment in your balance. You also become entitled to receive a free medical checkup.
  •  It accounts for all huge deductibles, unexpected costs, and an array of existing non-covered medical services.
  •  Also covers the costs for out-of-network hospital admission and charges. 


Do I really need Health Life Insurance?

People believe that if they get medical insurance, it safeguards their future in case of any unforeseen calamity or injury. This is a misconception because it only covers for a certain time span and It is for just a few medical expenditures. People are unaware of the holistic nature of a health insurance policy. 

Health insurance is comprehensive in nature and accounts for all your medical expenses and bills for any sudden accident. It keeps you better prepared to face the worst future occurrences. Being better prepared is half the journey. So be sensible, get real, and get one! 


What if I am away from home and have a life-threatening accident?

In that case, if you’re insured with a good health policy, you will be entitled to be taken to a decent medical facility in a nearby neighborhood. Even if it is out of your network coverage, they will admit you and your policy number will account for your treatment cash expense.

Do I get any benefits from getting health insurance if I never use it?

If you’re lucky enough not to encounter any calamities but you have bought your health insurance policy, it is awfully useful. If you have a reputed insurer firm like AIG, State Farm or New York Life, if you did not use your health insurance for 1 year. It gets you increments in balance and earns a free medical check-up and other similar bonuses.

I have medical insurance, why do I need health insurance?

Medical insurance covers only a set of expenses over a certain period of time. Whereas your health insurance is holistic and comprehensive, it accounts for all medical expenditures.