Atlanta Life Insurance Company Reviews

Atlanta life insurance company reviews

In this article you will get to know about the atlanta life insurance company reviews of all its life insurance policies and packages.

In 1905, former slave Alonzo Herndon founded the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

It began as a small insurance company that sold basic plans that paid out a small amount of money in the case of a policyholder’s death. It targeted black families in Atlanta’s low-to-moderate-income neighbourhoods. A few years later, Herndon bought two more companies, becoming the Atlanta Mutual Insurance Association, which later became the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

With operations in 17 states, Atlanta Life Insurance is one of the most well-known and profitable African-American businesses in the country. In 2001, the company shifted its focus to financial services and became an Atlanta Life Financial Group affiliate. The corporation’s headquarters are still in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Life is now a leading source of reinsurance for group life insurance and other insurance products. Individual life insurance is only available through agreements with other firms that function as brokers instead of direct marketing to the public.

Services offered by Compnay

Atlanta Life Insurance Company provides a variety of life insurance policies, including:

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance covers you for a fixed premium paid overtime for the rest of your life. In addition to giving a death benefit, it may be used as an investment vehicle due to its savings component, which accumulates monetary value over time.

Universal Life Insurance

The form of permanent life ensurances comes under Universal life insurance that includes an investment savings component and inexpensive premiums.

However, unlike whole life insurance, which has fixed premiums and a fixed death benefit, universal life insurance premiums and death benefits can be changed over time to meet your needs.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance covers you for a set period of time. Because it is less expansive than whole life insurance so available in multiple rates and terms

Final Expense

The last expenditure policy, often referred to as burial insurance, is low-limit insurance. It is meant to cover final expenditures such as medical bills or a funeral for loved ones. These plans are frequently guaranteed issues, which means you will not be denied coverage; nevertheless, your rates will be determined by your age, medical history, and current health.

Atlanta Life Insurance Company Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews available since Atlanta Life Insurance does not deal with its consumers directly but rather through an agent or broker. Customers often register concerns with the insurance company rather than the agency.

Is it possible to obtain a new policy from Atlanta Life Insurance Company?

A new policy from Atlanta Life Insurance is entirely double. An advisor will assist you in determining the most appropriate life insurance policy for your circumstances.

Explaining the Benefits

Atlanta Life was founded in 1905 and has spent the previous 115 years delivering a wide range of insurance products to customers in 17 states.

Atlanta Life, one of the most well-known African American businesses in the country, was founded by Alonzo Herndon, a former slave. Atlanta Life has endeavoured to serve low- to moderate-income African American families, particularly in the Atlanta region. She has grown to become the second-largest African American life insurance business in the United States.

Explaining the Drawbacks

Only available in 17 states: Atlanta Life has a restricted customer service region and is only available in 17 states in the United States.

There is hardly any information available online: The website of Atlanta Life provides minimal information on plans, coverage options, price, or the claims procedure. You’ll need to contact the provider directly if you want additional information, check what kind of coverage you can obtain, or get a pricing quotation.

Riders on the Move

Riders supplement the death benefit of a life insurance policy by providing additional coverage. These riders may help loved ones after your death or provide specific coverage alternatives while you are still alive, known as living benefits.

Riders offered on Atlanta Life insurance will differ from one provider to the next and even from policy to policy. Here are some prominent riders who may be available.

Unexpected Death

An unintentional death is usually unexpected and quick, and it might be more devastating. As a result, the financial and emotional toll on loved ones may be more significant. Beneficiaries can get an extra death benefit on the policy’s regular payment with an accidental death rider.

Rider’s Spouse/Child

The spouse or child rider on a policy lets the policyholder add coverage for their significant other and dependent kid(ren) without purchasing a separate policy. The coverage limits for wives and children are often smaller than the overall death benefit of the procedure, but they may be sufficient for things like funeral costs or medical bills.

Policy Regarding Cancellations

Atlanta Life provides no information about life insurance cancellation policies. Term life insurance, in general, can be terminated at any moment and without penalty. Because temporary life insurance products do not accrue cash value, there will be no return if the policy is cancelled.

Whole or universal life insurance plans, for example, may have a cash value component. You may be entitled to a share of the cash value, less a surrender charge when you cancel.

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