A Simple Guide to Burial Insurance in New York for Individuals Over 80

If you’re a New York resident over the age of 80, you may be wondering if burial insurance is right for you. Here’s a look at what you need to know about burial insurance in New York for individuals over 80.  

What Is Burial Insurance?  

The cost of your funeral and other last expenditures may be partially covered by burial insurance, a sort of life insurance. These policies are sometimes called “final expense” or “pre-need” insurance. These plans are generally modest, covering $5,000 to $25,000. You can use this coverage to pay for your funeral, burial, and other last expenditures, such as unpaid medical debt.  

These coverages differ from traditional life insurance policies in a few key ways. First, burial insurance policies frequently have simplified underwriting, which means that even if you have health issues, you could still qualify for coverage.  

Additionally, burial insurance policies often have guaranteed acceptance, meaning your coverage will remain intact due to your health. However, it’s important to note that guaranteed acceptance policies typically have higher premiums than traditional life insurance policies.  

Finally, burial insurance policies typically have level premiums, meaning your premium will not increase as you get older. This could be a wise choice for those with fixed incomes who want assurance that the price of their life insurance coverage won’t increase over time.  

Eligibility for Burial Insurance in New York  

Regarding burial insurance in New York, those over 80 will qualify for coverage via the New York State Funeral Directors Association. A person’s eligibility for these plans will depend on two factors: their financial condition and current state of health.  

A person must be a resident of New York State to be eligible for insurance via the NYS funeral directors. Additionally, individuals must be at least 80 years old and have a life expectancy of two years or less. Additionally, they must not have any pre-existing medical conditions that would prevent them from acquiring coverage.  

A range of policy options will be available to those who qualify for burial insurance through the NYS funeral directors. The coverage quantity and rates will change depending on the provider and the customer’s needs. Before selecting a policy, it is crucial to compare prices and plans to ensure you obtain the most significant coverage possible.  

Coverage and Benefits of Burial Insurance in New York for Individuals Over 80   

Burial insurance is whole-life insurance that aims to cover final expenses. Unlike term life insurance, which only offers coverage for a specific period, whole life insurance provides lifetime protection. This indicates that your coverage will continue if you keep paying insurance rates. 

One of its main advantages is that you can use funeral insurance money to pay for a range of costs. The insured can use the coverage to pay for a headstone or other grave marker, funeral transportation, and even the price of a burial plot in addition to the funeral itself.  

Another advantage is the ability to utilize burial insurance to pay for cremation expenses. Even while cremation is growing in acceptance, the cost might still be high. Cremation and cremation urn or container costs, as well as burial insurance, may be covered.  

The price of a memorial ceremony might also be covered by burial insurance. If you decide to hold a memorial ceremony, burial insurance may be able to assist with the expense of the location, the refreshments, and even the flowers.  

Compare the many coverage choices and perks companies offer if you’re considering buying burial insurance. The appropriate coverage for you will rely on your unique demands and financial situation. Burial insurance policies come in a range. The best way to get the right policy for you is to work with an experienced insurance agent who can help you compare your options and choose the coverage that best suits your needs.  

How to Apply for Burial Insurance in New York  

There are a few considerations when submitting an application for burial insurance in New York for individuals over 80. Make sure you are at least 80 years old before continuing. The second requirement is having a life insurance plan in place. The third requirement is that you must reside in New York. The New York State Funeral Directors Association will need you to apply.  

The actions you must take to submit an application for burial insurance in New York are the following:  

  1. Gather your life insurance policy information: You must have your life insurance policy in hand when you apply for burial insurance.  
  2. Contact the New York State Funeral Directors Association: You can reach them at (518) 463-7000.  
  3. Apply: You must inform the Funeral Directors Association of your life insurance policy.  
  4. Wait for a decision: The Funeral Directors Association will review your application and make a decision.  
  5. If approved, pay your premiums: You must ensure that your life insurance policy is paid up to keep your burial insurance in force.  

FAQs about Burial Insurance in New York for Individuals Over 80  

  1. What is the difference between burial insurance and life insurance?

The main distinction between burial insurance and life insurance is that the former is created particularly to pay for your funeral and other related expenditures. Conversely, you may use life insurance for several things, including funeral expenses.  

  1. Do I need to purchase a separate policy for my spouse?

No, you don’t need to get your spouse’s separate insurance. You might want to give it some thought to ensure that your spouse would be safeguarded in the event of your demise.  

  1. What expenses does burial insurance cover?

Burial insurance often covers funeral expenses, such as the price of a coffin and a funeral ceremony. It could also cover other costs, such as the price of moving your corpse to the funeral home.  

  1. How much does burial insurance cost?

Your age, health, and the level of coverage you select are a few variables that affect the price of burial insurance. But insurance plans often begin at about $20 a month.  

  1. Where can I purchase burial insurance?

Burial insurance is available from some suppliers, including life insurance companies, cemeteries, and internet retailers. Finding the policy that best suits your needs requires comparing various providers’ offerings.  


For people over 80 in New York, burial insurance is a terrific method to ensure that your final expenses are covered and that your family is not saddled with the bill of your burial. With funeral insurance, you may prepare financially for your passing and plan forward. It is not only a great way to protect your family, but it is also quite affordable. You may rest easy knowing that your loved ones won’t have to worry about finances if you have funeral insurance in New York for individuals over 80.