Can I take out life insurance if I have a risky profession?

life insurance for risky profession

Insurers consider people with jobs such as firefighter, police, mining or work at heights are more likely to suffer a loss.This type of insurance policies are called high risk life insurance

When it comes to taking out life insurance, the profession of the insured person will be essential for the insurer . In fact, one of the first questions that companies ask the person interested in taking out insurance is what profession their future client exercises. Insurers manage their own classifications of professions and types of associated risk , considering those jobs in which a loss is most likely, such as the so-called risk professions.

What are the professions considered risky

The risk professions are those where the people who develop endanger their life or physical integrity , such as firefighters, police and other security forces, miners, pilots and flight personnel, bullfighters, fighters or professional boxers … Due to the risk associated with work practices like these, many insurers choose not to offer insurance to these people and, if they do, it will always be with higher premiums than those offered to other workers.

However, for these professionals it is vital to be able to have a policy that protects them and protects their loved ones in difficult situations . Thus, with appropriate life insurance, in the event that the insured loses his life or suffers a loss that incapacitates him, the beneficiaries can receive financial compensation that allows them to continue with their life and face medical expenses, burial , to debts related to loans or even that can cover the studies of their children.

For this reason, some insurance companies have created specific risk life policies for these professionals , allowing them to even take out group life insurance , but usually paying an extra premium to compensate that coverage for a higher risk.

Life insurance for people with risky professions

Thus, people who practice a profession considered risky can take out risk life insurance individually or collectively . Some workers, such as members of the State security forces and bodies, already have this type of group insurance, however, it never hurts to expand coverage beyond death/burial coverage .

In this sense, it is convenient to review what benefits the main companies offer (you can do it by going to a simple online life insurance comparison ) and check what premiums we will have to pay with the policy that convinces us the most. Thus, if the basic coverage of life insurance is death due to natural causes , other benefits can be considered for risk professionals, such as death in the event of an accident , absolute or permanent disability , as well as serious illnesses .