The Fortis funeral insurance plan aims to provide for your family if you pass away, providing you with affordable options to pay for the policy.

Understanding Fortis Funeral Insurance Plan  

With Fortis’ funeral policy, you can pay for the funeral costs in one lump sum or in installments that suit your budget. The coverage amount is not static so you can acquire one according to your needs. It does not require you to go through an extensive process to get the policy. Instead, the process of getting the insurance plan is simple and convenient.   

You must provide the right information about your age, health history, and gender. This will determine the policy premium and the amount of coverage you can buy. It also allows you to alter your plan in case your needs have changed. You can add additional coverage to cover burial expenses, end-of-life medical expenses, and also, you can increase or decrease the amount of coverage according to your needs.       

Fortis Funeral Insurance Plan Coverage  

With Forti’s funeral insurance plan, a policyholder gets comprehensive coverage for the end-to-life costs, from cremation costs to the urn, and the insured’s beneficiary gets financial coverage. These are the costs that the beneficiaries get at the time of the death of a policyholder:    

Financial Protection

The Fortis funeral insurance provides financial protection to the family of an insured at the time of his death. The beneficiary gets this lump sum money to cover the cost of the funeral and other associated expenses.   

Funeral Costs

The coverage for funeral costs does not depend on the cause of death. The beneficiary gets the amount regardless of the cause of death. Rest assured that your family will not have to take the extra burden of burial expenses when you leave them. It also covers miscellaneous expenses, including obituaries, flowers, and more. 

Death Benefits

The Fortis funeral insurance plan covers funeral expenses no matter the cause of your death. If you die of an accident or a natural cause, your family will get the coverage amount. It also provides for death due to illness, so if the cause of your death was an illness, your beneficiary will get the amount and pay for the necessary expenses.     

Adjustable Coverage Amount

The Fortis funeral plan is flexible, allowing you to change the coverage amount if your needs have increased. You can increase or decrease the coverage amount anytime; your insurer will adjust the premium amount accordingly.    

Death Benefit Rider 

With your Fortis funeral plan, you can get a death benefit rider that will pay a benefit to your beneficiary for your end-to-life costs. This rider allows you to ensure that your family is not paying for the additional funeral costs.    

How to Get the Policy  

If you wish to be financially covered in the event of a death in the family, Fortis Funeral Insurance is crucial insurance to take into account. The policy partially covers funeral costs and other related expenses. The following steps will show you how to obtain a Fortis Funeral Insurance policy: 

Speak with a Fortis Insurance Agent

Getting started is best accomplished by speaking with a Fortis Insurance professional. They can provide further details and respond to any inquiries you have. 

Obtain a Price 

A Fortis Insurance agent can give you a price for the coverage once you’ve contacted them. This will give you a general idea of what to expect regarding price and coverage.  

Examine the Coverage and Policies

Make sure the policy satisfies your needs by carefully reviewing it. Pay close attention to the policy’s benefit categories and coverage limits. 

Seal the Documents

Sign the paperwork and send the first payment if you agree with the policy. You will receive a policy number, and then you can use the coverage. 

Submit a Claim

Contact Fortis Insurance to submit a claim if death happens and you need to use the coverage. They will then support you when you file the claim and receive payment for the benefits.  

Pros and cons of fortis funeral insurance plan  

Fortis Funeral Insurance is a type of insurance that aids in paying funeral costs. The plan provides a lump sum payment in the event of death to aid in funeral expenses.  


Financial security: The primary advantage of having a Fortis funeral insurance plan is that it can give a family financial security in the event of the insured’s passing. The one-time payment might be used for the funeral expenses, which can be pricey. The family’s financial load may be lessened as a result of this.    

Convenience: Fortis funeral insurance policies are practical since they are simple to set up and can be customized to suit the needs of the individual. They are also quick and simple to set up, allowing the family to plan the funeral without worrying about the cost.   

Flexibility: Because you can customize the policy to meet your needs, Fortis funeral insurance products are versatile. The quantity of protection can be changed to fit the family’s budget and the preferred style of funeral.   


Price: The fact that Fortis funeral insurance plans can be pricey is one of their drawbacks. The selected level of coverage will determine the price of the plan, which can be pricey.   

Complexity: The difficulty in comprehending Fortis funeral insurance products is another drawback. Before committing to a policy, it’s critical to comprehend its terms and conditions. 

Limited Coverage: Lastly, Fortis funeral insurance products offer limited coverage. They do not pay for any additional charges, such as burial fees or medical bills; they solely pay for the cost of the funeral. For families anticipating to incur more expenses, this may be a problem.   

The Average Cost of the Plan 

The amount of coverage and the insured’s age determine how much the Fortis funeral insurance plan will cost. As the risk of death rises with age, the plan’s cost also rises. The coverage type the insured person chooses will also affect the plan’s cost. The monthly cost of a basic package can range from $20 to $50. 

The level of coverage provided also influences the cost of Fortis funeral insurance. A few thousand dollars to $50,000 or more in coverage are possible. The level of coverage selected and the insured person’s age affect the plan’s cost.  

Several additional optional riders are available for the Fortis funeral insurance that may be added to the policy to increase coverage. These add-ons can cover funeral costs, cremation fees, and other costs associated with a loved one’s passing. Depending on the type of coverage selected and the insured person’s age, the cost of these riders may change. 

It’s critical to weigh the price of the plan against the protection it offers when considering a Fortis funeral insurance plan. The insured person’s age must also be considered because it may impact the plan’s cost. Adding an optional rider to the plan to provide more coverage should also be considered. 


Ensuring your loved ones are not responsible for paying for your funeral on their own is easy with the Fortis funeral insurance plan. Thanks to the comprehensive coverage offered, you may feel secure knowing that your family will be taken care of after you pass away. This plan offers a great way to care for your loved ones thanks to the variety of options and flexibility in tailoring a policy to meet your needs. Anyone looking to ensure their family has resources in the event of their passing should consider the Fortis funeral insurance plan.