How to Market Digitally Indexed Universal Life Insurance Successfully

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

IUL insurance is currently the talk of the town. It is being covered by Forbes, Fox Business, Investopedia, and many other renowned mediums. Investing in Indexed Universal Life Insurance can be awfully risky. But where it has its setbacks or risks, it offers huge profitable perks as well.

In this blog, we will teach you how to sell Indexed Universal Life insurance successfully to people. This is a comprehensive guideline for selling IUL insurance by using the most effective digital marketing tools and the latest techniques.

There are many ways to increase the likelihood of selling IUL insurance, which includes social media marketing, online advertising, content marketing, building a website, and dispersing email newsletters to prospects or leads.

Social Media Marketing

Every business uses social media marketing for reaching out to the masses nowadays. It is common sense to understand how it can be a useful tool to increase the probability of making more sales of IUL insurance through its proper use.

Informative posts

By creating educational post designs with infographics and illustrations. These posts must briefly list what IUL insurance is. How does Indexed Universal Life insurance work? Its perks and disadvantages, and who can benefit from it? or How to Buy Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Post these infographics on your social media pages like linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. The content can be diverse like post designs, text messages, updates, podcasts, blogs, or short videos.

Engage the target audience

With queries from admin, members, and visitors, try forming a message board. Ask intriguing questions and keep people interested in the questions and replies. As the admin of the page, you can post queries yourself too like how to sell life insurance successfully. How to buy Indexed Universal Life insurance? etc.

Live Queries and replies

Also, answer queries about Indexed Universal Life insurance by running live sessions. People might ask you questions such as how indexed universal life insurance work. or if you can sell indexed universal life policy further to a third party?  


Use and run paid or free ads to increase traffic on your social media pages. Ad copies should be intriguing and targeted precisely to grab attention like how does indexed universal life insurance work? Want to change your life with IUL insurance benefits? etc.

Webinars and Online Events

Hold many webinars or live events to answer and address various subjects related to IUL insurance to build confidence. This keeps people engaged with your content and creates interest as well. 

Content Marketing

Whatever material you are throwing on your social media pages or website, makes or breaks your clientele. Ensure you’re properly using the power of content marketing. Select quality content whether it is in the form of text, visuals, videos, or audio.

Identify your target audience

First and foremost, the step is to identify your target audience, for IUL insurance buyers. Obviously, it is no rocket science that senior citizens or mature people, who are risk prone and have stable financial positions, would be willing to jump into the IUL insurance awareness campaign.

Secondly, these are people looking for retirement benefits or long-term life insurance policies. Thirdly, the most important step is to identify what they already know and what they need to learn. 

Emphasize the definition, meaning, purpose, benefits, risks, profitable returns, and other prospects of IUL insurance to them.

Plan your content

Keep it precise, short, to the point, and easily readable. For text content, it is advisable to use SEO techniques so that it rates higher on Google Searches. Follow the SEO rules, use internal and external linking, and use primary and secondary keywords.

Measure your success

Use some measuring tool like Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to your text content. First, check it daily and then improve the content every day.

Case studies and Success stories

The best way to attract people to your product from all history has been to tell them success stories of people who changed their lives through IUL insurance. 

Success tales and case studies can help build confidence. Make sure you never exaggerate or overpromise. Remember, people can sue you for overpromising and under-delivering content you own, too.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Where organic SEO techniques take months to take your content or web pages to rank higher in search engines, PPC does this in days. Use Pay-Per-Clicks Ads properly and wisely to increase your traffic, many times. 

  1. Use the attention-grabbing Ad copy.
  2. Give accurate IUL insurance information.
  3. Always keep your target audience in mind!
  4. Include intriguing CTA’s Call to action. Examples are “Get Your Quote Now”, “Contact Us Right Away” or “Learn More for Free”

Email Marketing

This is also an efficient and personalized way of reaching out to people. For Email Marketing, generate leads firstly through your website lead-generating tactics.

You can generate leads from social media too. Send IUL insurance uses, risks, rewards, and success stories in the form of infographics, graphs, videos, or blog links to the email recipients.

Ensure that you give them an easy way of unsubscribing if they’re asking for it. Within the limits of not violating their personal space, send them regular and useful IUL-related Email Newsletters. 

Remember to include a CTA “Call to Action” clause in the newsletters such as “Get a Quote Now”, “Find Best Deals” etc.

Building a website

The most important step for gaining the trust of clients for any IUL Insurance Sales Agent is to make his website. It has to be a professional, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate, compact website. If any IUL insurance broker agency or sales agent does not have a website, this literally waives their credibility.

  1. Choose a Short and related to the IUL insurance domain name.
  2. Design your website to be clean, simple, precise, and easy to navigate.
  3. Create your content based on SEO rules, and state the purpose, benefits, risks, and case studies of IUL insurance.
  4. Implement SEO by using primary and secondary keywords and internal and external multiple linking.
  5. Add a lead capture form so that people can apply online too.
  6. Track traffic through tools like google analytics and update your website every day.

Tips for selling IUL insurance

  1. Determine if you want to be a captive or an independent sales agent.
  2. Identify the best Indexed Universal Life insurance agent or Brokerage agency.
  3. Thoroughly research the market and make a marketing plan.
  4. Choose and get in a contract with the best insurance company that caters to your target audience.
  5. Start prospecting and buying leads.
  6. Build the need in the client’s mind.
  7. Close your sale and get a commission over it.

Whole life vs IUL Indexed Universal Life insurance

The four best agencies that offer top-notch whole life insurance policies are North Western Mutual, New York Life, Mass Mutual, and Guardian.  These have been ranking as top 4 for whole life policy consistently over the last few years. 

These firms do not offer IUL insurance because of the uncertainty of profit on returns or dividends for the policyholder and the insurer firm.

Benefits of whole life

  • You can keep on increasing coverage.
  • You can withdraw loans from accrued cash value.

Disadvantages of whole life

Volatile, cash value takes years to build up due to fixed premium payments.

Benefits of IUL insurance

  • Shield from market volatility due to flooring loss.
  • Higher potential gains. But make sure not to over-promise and under-deliver.
  • Higher cash value is accrued within a year’s time span.
  • Offers flexible premiums.

Disadvantages of IUL insurance

  • Cash value gets accumulated faster than for whole life policy, but it is dependent on the market performance of indices instead of the contractual guarantees.
  • A lot of features and expenses change rapidly.
  • Based on the interest rate environment, the premium payments keep on changing favorably and otherwise.

Which is better IUL or whole life insurance?

It depends, people who are prone to taking risks should opt for IUL insurance, and ones who prefer to stay on the safe side, are better off with a whole-life policy plan.