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As time passes, we assume that the life insurance coverage plans you have taken in previous years will be enough for the remaining part of life, but there are good choices of life insurance over 70 for seniors. The majority of people don’t think about getting a policy when their age is 70 plus, but this can sometimes happen for many old people whose term period finishes or a loss of coverage occurs for a different reason. However, if someone’s age is 70 years, you still have time to get a life insurance policy.

Would you be able to get life insurance over 70?

Yes definitely, almost every life insurance company offers life insurance over 70 for seniors. But, with life insurance for aged people, your choice became limited and premiums cost higher than the normal life insurance coverage. However, still, its a better idea to buy life insurance in your 70s. There’s some good piece of writing on how to get life insurance for parents here. 

Which is the best life insurance for seniors over 70?

There are two types of life insurance for older people to consider:

Term life insurance over 70

Term life insurance covers you for a defined period of time. You can decide how much coverage you want and, if you die within that defined time period, your family will get the benefits. But if you die after the defined term ends, your family will not qualify for any type of benefit. In addition, it’s also your choice whether the premiums stay level throughout the defined term, or gradually decrease or increase.

The majority of the time, at the age of 70s, the term limit available is 20 years, which decreases as your age increases that by the time when your age hit 80 years, you have a limit of 10 years.

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Whole life insurance over 70

Whole life insurance in contrast to term life most likely cover for over 70s. The policy is time-independent and covers you until you die, however, the payment of premiums is mandatory till you die. This gives you the satisfaction that you have chosen something that will never go waste and at the en definitely get you saved amount.

People take it up and if you wish to have some amount to a family, decrease taxes, or use the cash value to fill a loan.

What is the average cost of life insurance over 70?

You will never get an answer to this question in numbers because the price of life insurance over 70 is different for every individual. It also depends on based on your age, the selected coverage plan, the duration you want to cover for, and more importantly your health status.

Is it possible to get life insurance over 70 without a medical assessment?

Some life insurance companies will ask you to have a medical test before they’ll give you cover.

When you get a life insurance policy or any kind of life insurance policy, it’s important to mention any medical illness you have. Failing to declare any condition will result in your provider refusing to the coverage plan.

The accompanying no assessment life insurance plans are accessible for older folks over 70:

Rearranged life insurance approaches safeguard you with no wellbeing and health assessment yet expect you to react to wellbeing requests. The life insurance approach business recognizes your capability for the arrangement dependent on your reaction to these wellbeing requests. Contingent upon your life insurance bearer, you may be mentioned for a few or all of the accompanying:

– MIB records

– Car report

– History of professionally prescribed meds

– Smoking history

– History of long remains at the medical clinic

guaranteed life insurance strategy doesn’t require any clinical assessments or wellbeing questions. It gives prompt insurance coverage. Anyway, it includes a holding up period; it maybe 2 or 3 years. The holding up period essentially proposes that on the off chance that you sit back around, the life insurance provider doesn’t pay your beneficiaries the full survivor advantage.

These life insurance approaches are focused at senior residents between the ages of 70 and furthermore 85 who may have serious clinical issues, including:

O Tissue or body organ transplant

O Wheelchair-bound because of a disease or condition

O Terminal disease with a life range of 2 years or less

O Confined in a helped living office

O Dialysis

O Alzheimer’s or dementia

O needing oxygen to help relax

O Cancer


Whole life insurance strategies are an incredible no test life insurance elective for senior residents over 70 that require satisfactory survivor advantage to spend for their finish of life costs.

Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance Policy Over 70

Some more prepared miss more than 60, 70 and even 80 years of age, are searching for a more diminutive joining entirety, enough to cover last costs, for instance, internment costs or to take care of off tabs. Expecting this is the situation, Ensured Concern Whole Life Insurance consideration (or Life insurance strategy for Elderly) may be the best fit for you. Every so often alluded to as senior life insurance arrangement, interment insurance, or last cost insurance strategy, these plans much of the time run moreover sums from $5,000-$ 25,000.

Guaranteed Problem Whole Life insurance strategy incorporation was organized unequivocally to manage the issues of adults ages 50-85. With ensured affirmation, no clinical test, and as much as $25,000 in joining this older life insurance strategy method utilizes a guaranteed procedure to help protect their legacy. Guaranteed Problem Whole Life insurance advantages can support your loved ones’ care for proficient tabs just as definite consumptions. This can bring down the weight of your family helping with preparing them to distinguish your uncommon money-related issues in your nonattendance.

Regardless of your age or prerequisites, getting a procedure as more youthful as conceivable can help offer security to your family. What’s significantly more, review, with numerous sorts of strategies, customarily the extra more youthful you are where you buy, the less your costs will be. Do whatever it takes not to delay, you a few need to think about getting get a senior life insurance approach strategy soon!

How much coverage is best for you at the age of 70?

The simplest way to find get insurance is to do a comparison to get the best life insurance policy plan that meets your needs and budget. Before you buy a life insurance policy, very important to know a few things:

  • How much coverage you need
  • You are looking for term or whole life
  • How much premiums you can afford and budget

Even more generously, answer the prosperity requests truly if its a term plan or last consumption. An extra decision is a life insurance approach for senior residents more prominent than 75 no clinical assessment.

Ensuring can resemble senior inhabitant medicinal services coverage without an expert assessment, where there will be concerns and furthermore a planned phone meet. From time to time, an expert check through the MIB.

Best life insurance policies for people whose age is over 70?

Following are the popular coverage plans for people over age 70, offered by different companies

New York Life: Best Term Life Insurance Policy

The term life insurance approach methodology from New york city Life is available concerning five to 20 years and is in like manner an arrangement that collects money esteem. On the event that you pick you to require to widen your consideration, you have the decision to change over to a drawn-out life insurance arrangement technique once the system term closes.

The passing advantage needs a charge. You can incorporate consolidation to a term life technique from New york city Life by including riders for inadvertent destruction, youngsters’ insurance, persistent factor to consider, failure waiver of expenses, and living favorable circumstances. This term life insurance arrangement utilizes reasonable premiums and furthermore has endless system decisions available to older folks.

Mutual of Omaha: Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

The guaranteed all far-reaching life insurance policy technique from Mutual of Omaha offers money worth gathering and furthermore adaptability. You can tweak your incredible establishments just as augmentation the demise advantage sum.

The demise advantage is without charge, and furthermore, you can likewise arrive at a piece of your passing advantages if you have a relentless or terminal ailment. The passing advantage is made sure either for a specific proportion of time you picked or for your entire lifetime.

MassMutual: Finest whole Life Insurance

The whole life insurance arrangement utilized by MassMutual offers a guaranteed end advantage for your whole lifetime. There is cash esteem that aggregates and can be reached at times when you need it regularly, for instance, for an extra resigned life pay, clinical uses, or different situations.

In spite of the fact that that the MassMutual plan doesn’t ensure income, the companies have really provided out benefits to qualified policyholders continually in light of the fact that 1969, so you may get the upside of acquiring income portions without buying a procedure expected to give incomes on theory returns.

John Hancock: Finest Universal Life Insurance Policy

John Hancock’s comprehensive life insurance plan utilizes lifetime security just assets up in cold hard cash gathering esteem. You can change both the return just as the proportion of portions, so it is an astonishing choice for older folks searching for a comprehensive life insurance arrangement strategy with adaptable establishments.

The money worth gets dependent on a credited financing charge return on adventures and can change. You can get versus your passing preferred position, and any sort of astounding advancement will unquestionably be deducted from the demise advantage if the improvement isn’t settled before you conk.

Transamerica: Best Final Expenditure Insurance Coverage

Transamerica gives three last cost strategies to senior residents:

Fast strategy

10-pay approach

Simple procedure

The technique can be covered or over respects to 10 portions. There is no believing that expansion will surely begin, and furthermore, the premium doesn’t increase as you come to be substantially more evolved.

You may fit the expenses for a final expense insurance policy by means of Transamerica paying little respect to age and furthermore wellbeing issues. Techniques seek people as much as age 85. There are no clinical tests required, and there are discretionary riders to incorporate consideration which change based your concern of residence

Why it’s important to have life insurance at 70?

Because you have been careful with money over the years, your wife or family may find life more difficult without your life insurance. In other words, if you are careful about your family, when you die that might require fulfillment of there needs.

The rough estimated cost of a funeral in 2019 has been estimated at around $20000. It’s better to save for the cost of your funeral that helps your family as well as give you satisfaction.

Other common things to buy life insurance policy in the 70s are to help for the payments for debts or to have financial support for family when you die

What are the advantages of getting life insurance at the age of 70s?

It’s a golden opportunity to ensure you’ve taken care of the future expenditures of your family and loved ones. While people at the age of 70 may have different coverage requirements as people in their early 30s, it’s not odd for people in this age range to still buy life insurance over 70 for their financial safety. Such requirements may include:

  • personal loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Financial and property expenses
  • Legal charges
  • Family needs and costs
  • Provide a legacy for kids, and charity


While getting the cheap life insurance over 70 for seniors may seem difficult to find initially, but if you go out to find there are many choices available in the market. Working with an agent can better help to cut down the prices, as well as provide help throughout the application process.

Insurance agents will provide life insurance quotes from different life insurance companies, so sorting out the right policy can be easy than sit down for all of the research on your own. We can also provide comparisons of both life insurance coverage and life insurance quotes, and will also help you through tout process so that all of your confusions will clear and you will be satisfied with the answers. With our company, finding the right coverage plan is just clicks away.