The Best USA Family Protection Reviews

You are exactly at the place where you should be. This article will provide information about the company, how it works, and whether you can lock in your next life insurance policy with the company. This USA Family Protection review will give detailed information on their products and processes.   

USA Family Protection and Lumico Insurance 

You might have wondered why we see Lumico insurance aligned with USA Family Protection products. This is because USA Family Protection exclusively represents Lumico insurance company and works with it under the ownership of Swiss Re, a Fortune 500 company. The headquarter of Swiss Re is in Zurich, Switzerland, and has a global presence with numerous companies working around the globe. It has been there since the 1800s, but USA Family Protection and Lumico Insurance are nascent companies, only 6 years of age. 

What are their Coverage Options 

As mentioned above, the insurance company exclusively represents Lumico Insurance and offers its products to trusted clients. The company sells a range of insurance products with good reviews from customers. Their products include:  

Lumico Whole Life Insurance  

USA Family Protection sells whole life insurance under the auspices of Lumico Life Insurance. With fixed premiums, their coverage age lies between 18-70, with a minimum face amount of $30,000. The coverage amount keeps changing as you age. At 65, you only qualify for a $250,000 maximum face amount. But if you purchase the policy earlier than this, you can hit the maximum face amount of $1,000,000. If you managed to live till the age of 121, you get the amount of your face policy. 

Lumico Final Expense 

Under the name of USA Family Protection, Lumico sells three tiers of their final expense policy, which comes as: 

  • Preferred 
  • Standard 
  • Modified 

There are strict underwriting requirements for each of the plans. If you meet this requirement and are of the age between 50-80, you can get the Preferred Plan. The maximum face amount is not static, depending on your age. Remember that as you grow older, the maximum face amount decreases. If you are between 76-80 with the preferred plan, you only qualify for a $20,000 maximum face amount. The maximum face amount of Lumico’s Standard plan is $30,000, no matter what your age is. However, Lumico offers the policy to people between 50 and 85.   

Lastly, Lumico’s Modified Plan only offers a maximum face amount of $15,000. The plan is for individuals with pre-existing conditions and lies between the ages of 50-80. Note that there are some final expense policies with a waiting period of 3 years. If you die in your waiting period, you will not get the total amount of the death benefit and will only get the amount equal to the premiums you paid until your death. The minimum face amount value for Lumico Final Expense insurance is $5,000, no matter which policy you qualify for.   

Lumico Life Insurance Riders 

Lumico life insurance offers multiple riders that a policyholder can get to add benefits to his policy. It provides riders with both Lumico life insurance and whole-life coverage. Each policy has an Accelerated Death Rider, allowing the policyholder to receive his death benefit before his death if he incurs a qualified terminal illness. 

Moreover, there are some optional riders that a policyholder can add to his policy. Each plan has the optional Accidental Death rider, which entitles the beneficiary of the policyholder to get the total death benefit of the policy if you suffer from an accident such as a car or workplace accident. There is also the Dependent Child Rider with each policy, allowing you to receive a portion of your death benefit to cover your minor children’s expenses. Your beneficiary will get the rest of the death benefit should you pass.      

Merits and Demerits


No Medical Examinations 

Lumico Life Insurance, like other final expense insurance providers, provides only a health questionnaire and no medical exam. They assure us they will not delay accepting the policy.   

Several Rider Choices 

Lumico Life Insurance provides many riders with their entire life and ultimate expense insurance at an additional cost. There is also the Accelerated Death Benefit, which is offered at no extra cost with your life insurance policy.  


Strict Underwriting Standards 

Many people are denied a good death benefit because of Lumico Insurance’s stringent underwriting requirements. If you do not purchase insurance before age 60 or have a pre-existing condition, you can find a better cost elsewhere. 

A Barrage of Complaints 

When we looked into USA Family Protection Insurance and Lumico Insurance, we discovered that they are all owned by one person under a Fortune 500 company, which means poor customer service. While Lumico Life Insurance may be financially secure, its poor NAIC score indicates a high volume of customer complaints for a company of its size. 

USA Family Protection Outsources Insurance

The insurance you receive from USA Family Protection is provided by IptiQ/Lumico or another insurance company. Insurance companies typically use reinsurance to reduce financial risk, but this leaves customers in the dark about who insures them. This applies to all of USA Family Protection; a different group of insurers would handle your home, auto, rental, and life insurance, and you would not receive anything from the company. 


Lumico Burial Insurance offers competitively priced coverage in comparison to its competitors. Pricing, however, is not everything. You must understand their underwriting policies and the medical inquiries they will ask. Different insurance companies may ask different questions. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Lumico will be the best fit for every applicant compared to other final expense companies. 

Ratings from Top Agencies 

AM Best Reviews 

AM Best is defined as a credit rating firm that focuses on the creditworthiness of insurance businesses worldwide. Their grading system is similar to education’s, with grades ranging from A+ to F. They assess the likelihood of a company failing to meet its financial obligations to its customers. Lumico achieved an A+ grade, demonstrating its financial stability and capacity to meet its obligations. 

JD Power Reviews  

JD Power analyses data and uses AI to comprehend complex consumer behavior. They aim to give accurate information and uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. Unfortunately, neither Lumico Insurance nor USA Family Protection was chosen as one of the top 21 life insurance carriers. Hence JD Power does not rank them. 

NAIC Reviews 

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) provides insurance firms and insurance commissioners with knowledge, data, and analysis. They collect complaints and financial data to regulate insurance and protect consumers. The Company Complaint Index is calculated by dividing the company’s proportion of complaints in the United States by the company’s percentage of premiums in the United States. 

Lumico Insurance Company has an overall complaint index rating of 2.50, twice as high as the insurance industry average. The complaint index for their life insurance alone was 8.28, more than eight times the national average. This is a clear sign that Lumico Life Insurance’s customer service does not give a positive overall experience to its consumers.   

Concluding Thoughts 

While Lumico’s policies are very competitive, USA Family Protection Insurance Services offers tight underwriting issues that other companies like us would insure with less hassle. You should only choose a Lumico USA Family Protection Insurance Plan if you qualify for the preferred plan. But according to the fine print on the USA Family Protection website, they only provide coverage through Lumico. This is a problem because when there is just one carrier available, it’s likely that you could find a better plan with better pricing and underwriting flexibility elsewhere.