Funeral Costs in New York

Funeral Cost in New York

Burial insurance covers your costs for your final expenses, immediately after your death. It usually caters for the burial costs, cremation costs, urn cost, casket cost, medical bills, small outstanding credit card loans. 

It takes care of the headstone charges, the grave plot price, digging of grave expenses, covering the grave cost,  and the transportation charges for the corpse. It further accounts for the expenditure of arranging the funeral ceremony, by one of the available funeral homes in New York state.

Furthermore, it covers the obituary and flowers expenses, along with the memorial service charges. Burial insurance mostly offers a coverage of around $2,500-$35,000 for the residents of New York City. Life insurance agencies abide by the state laws instead of directly being run by the government. New York city offers a wide array of insurer agencies to choose from.

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Burial insurance in New York costs roughly around $8,755 according to the recent survey of NDFA National Directors’ Funeral Association. For a funeral ceremony with a natural burial, the cost is higher compared to one with cremation. Recent studies show the higher trends of choosing cremation after the death of people in the US.

Let’s get started with a comprehensive guide of how to get the best burial insurance for New Yorkers:

  1. How does New York burial insurance work?
  2. What are the steps for getting a New York Burial Insurance payout?
  3. How much does the New York Funeral insurance cost?
  4. Best New York Burial Insurance Agencies
  5. How do you use your Free Look Period?
  6. What is a Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance policies?

How does New York burial insurance work?

It is a straightforward and simple process for anyone to understand. Firstly, burial insurance is a type of whole life insurance policy. This implies that it is permanent in nature. Burial insurance will last till your death so you need not to worry about its expiry date.

Secondly, burial insurance offers fixed premiums which are affordable, so you are comfortable with that. It offers a guaranteed fixed death benefit payout after your demise, to your named dependents.

Thirdly, it builds and grows your accrued cash value component, with a tax deferred lump-sum amount. You can use it to pay premiums later in life or borrow it once in your lifetime for any emergency as a burial insurance loan.

The burial insurance covers the immediate after-death costs and has a quick 24-48 hours’ payout after claim approval.

What are the steps for getting a New York Burial Insurance payout?

  1. Call and inform the insurance company of the policyholder’s death.
  2. Send them a copy of the death certificate of the deceased.
  3. Send them a picture of his corpse at your home.
  4. Send a copy of the beneficiary ‘s signed statement.
  5. Make a claim!
  6. Collect the check from the insurance firm.
  7. Pay it to the funeral home in New York City, for arranging the funeral ceremony.
  8. In case any amount is left from funeral costs, use it to pay the pending credit card loans of the deceased. 

How much does the New York Funeral insurance cost?

New York burial insurance premium costs depend on:

  1. Age of policyholder.
  2. Gender of policyholder.
  3. Health condition of policyholder.
  4. Lifestyle of policyholder.
  5. Tobacco usage history of policyholders.

For a standard $10,000 coverage New York Burial Insurance policy, a 40 years’ non-smoker New Yorker would pay $50-$100 for monthly premium. 

Best New York Burial Insurance Agencies

Top 3 insurance agencies for New Yorkers are:


1.Mutual of Omaha

Best burial insurance policy: Living Promise with no medical exam or waiting period.

Coverage: up to $25,000

50-75 years’ age applications are welcome!



Best burial insurance policy: Immediate Solution with no waiting period

Coverage: $1000-$50,000

45-85 years’ applicants allowed


3.Columbian Financial Group

Best burial insurance policy: Dignified Choice with no waiting period

Coverage: $2500-$35,000

45-85 years’ age applications are welcome! 

How do you use your Free Look Period?

For the state of New York, the free look period usually consists of 10-30 days. This is the time during which you can review your New York Burial Insurance plan and cancel it. If you wish to cancel it, you can do so within this 30 day’s period and get a full refund on your premiums paid till date.

Otherwise, after the free look period, cancellation of this burial policy will leave you without any refunds or death benefit payout.

What is a Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance policies?

Simplified Issue Burial Insurance for the New Yorkers:

It is a no medical exam burial insurance policy, for which the policyholder does not have to undergo any medical exam. He does not have to give his blood or urine samples. He only has to fill a detailed health questionnaire honestly. Beware any false information on the life insurance application or this questionnaire can make you a life insurance fraud convict.

After answering the health questions, the policyholder becomes eligible for an immediate death benefit payout coverage. On his death, his dependents will be able to get a payout in a matter of 24-48 hours. No waiting period and no medical exam. It is the most popular burial insurance policy amongst the US citizens generally.

However, it does not cover the patients of Alzheimer’s, Chronic heart conditions, Renal failure, dialysis or terminal illness patients. They have to go for the guaranteed acceptance burial insurance.

Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance for the New Yorkers:

As the name implies, it offers guaranteed acceptance to any and all applicants. Even the Alzheimer’s patients, serious heart patients, renal failure patients and people formally diagnosed with any fatal illness.

You have to give no medical test, no health questionnaire filling required either. It has only one drawback that it only comes with a 24 months’ waiting period. Beware! no such thing as a “no health questions no waiting period life insurance policy” exists. It is a scam used by false advertisers like AARP or Lincoln Heritage.