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No matter if you are planning for your final services now or going to avail of any option in the future, the main thing is to consider whether cremation or burial. You might have an idea about cremation insurance services but do you know its specifics? 

Before opting for these insurance services, you have to be well aware of them. The specifications may include how cremation insurance works, whether it would be the right choice, and how it would cover you and your loved ones and others. Let’s explore them together! 


Cremation Insurance

A type of final expense life insurance plan designed to cover the costs of cremation and other final wishes of the policyholder. It’s a small-value life insurance plan also known as final expense or end-of-life insurance. This policy can be set up either through an insurance company or through a funeral home or cremation provider. 

The insured has to choose the coverage level he needs and pays monthly premiums regularly so that the policy remains effective right away. In case of his death, the lump sum amount will be paid out to the policy’s assigned beneficiary as a tax-free cash benefit. 

What are Cremation Services?

Cremation is one of the other methods of final deposition of the body. The services included in this process are termed cremation services. These services can be avail by getting insured via cremation insurance from any insurance provider. Cremation is becoming famous nowadays as it’s much less expensive than a traditional burial.

How does cremation insurance work?

With cremation insurance one has to pay for his cremation services in advance. A pre-paid amount can save money as compared to paying at the time when you need it most. However, cremation insurance gives you options including: 

The policyholder can pay the premium of his policy via installments that allow him to manage the policy according to his budget.

Another option is to pay in full upfront, a significant cost-saving option for the policyholders. Sometimes it’s also called pre-need insurance that allows less flexibility to the insured as compared to final expense insurance.

Furthermore, with a cremation insurance plan insured are allowed to choose the coverage they want. They can also get some extra protection if they want to leave some extra money for their beneficiaries to pay their mortgage or any other debts.

What does this insurance plan cover?

Following are the services for which cremation insurance is responsible to pay for:



Casket or Urn

Cremation Niche

Arrangement of the final ceremony

Paying funeral home staff

Costs associated with a death certificate

Does cremation insurance only cover end-of-life expenses?

Cremation insurance is meant to be used to pay for the final expenses of the insured. But that doesn’t mean that the lump sum amount has to be used only for cremation services. After getting the policy’s payout, the beneficiaries can use the money wherever they want to use it. 

For example, the amount left after the cremation is paid can be used to cover any outstanding medical bills, credit card debts, or travel expenses for funeral attendees. However, it’s important to choose a beneficiary whom you can trust with the leftover money. 

only cover end-of-life expenses

What are the funeral services you can avail of with cremation insurance?

There is a myth that you can’t have a traditional funeral when you opt for cremation insurance. That’s not true. You have more options when you select cremation, and here are a few of them:

Hold a funeral with a viewing and cremation will be held after.

Have a funeral without viewing and cremation will be held after.

Hold a memorial service at a funeral home.

Hold a memorial service at an outside venue and many others.

Is cremation insurance necessary?

No cremation insurance is not required by any state or federal laws in the USA. Additionally, it’s not required to get any cremation services no matter if you are planning your funeral or need them for some family member. Cremation insurance is just an insurance product designed to budget the costs of end-of-life expenses. 

How to buy the best cremation insurance plan?

If you have made up your mind that cremation insurance could be the best choice for you, don’t buy it all of a sudden. First, do some research and get quotes from various insurance companies. However, for looking for the best insurance, you have to consider some factors to decide how much coverage you may need. These factors include: 

Outstanding debt

Income replacement

Travel costs

Legal costs


Aside from these factors, you can also consult a financial advisor to get some advice. He will guide you according to your situation and suggest the insurer that suits your needs and budget too.

best cremation insurance plan

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