How Much Does an Ultrasound Cost Without Insurance – Best Guide

Find out how much an ultrasound without insurance typically costs and learn about other factors affecting the price. Discover tips to save money and where to get an ultrasound at an affordable price.

How much is an ultrasound without insurance? Don’t worry. It does not cost much to your pocket except in specific case scenarios. An estimated cost of an ultrasound without insurance is $410. Still, prices fluctuate between $100-$10000 depending on a variety of factors such as the area of your body, the state you live in, and the type of facility you visit. There are multiple ways you can save money during the process. Let’s find out all.

How Much is an Ultrasound Without Insurance

If you are going through an illness and the doctor recommends an ultrasound to find out what’s wrong, you might get propelled about the cost of an ultrasound if your insurance does not cover it. Different types of ultrasound cost you different prices. The price varies depending on the type, body part, and location. It can cost you as low as $30 for a bone ultrasound and up to $1,200 for an eye ultrasound. 

To determine the cost of ultrasound without insurance, you must look for different types of ultrasound procedures and the price range for each. The below costs are estimated for California, New York, and Texas. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Ultrasound 

The price of ultrasound varies from place to place and has different types. If your insurance is not covering the cost of an ultrasound, you need to check what type of ultrasound you need and what other factors affect how much you pay for an ultrasound. 

Here are some of the factors that affect the price of an ultrasound:

Area of the Body

The price you pay for a bone or spine ultrasound would not be the same as that of a chest or eye. Generally, fetal ultrasound, chest ultrasound, and pelvic ultrasounds are expensive compared to bone ultrasound. The price also fluctuates for the procedure of ultrasound.

Ultrasound Type

The cost of ultrasound can also be determined by its imaging capabilities. Ultrasound machines can provide 2D, 3D, or even 4D color images. Remember that higher picture quality and clarity require more modern software and costs. 

According to RADSCURITY, Bayview Radiology, and Medscurity Experts radiologist Dr. Daniel Cousin, 3D ultrasounds often cost $75-$125 more than 2D ultrasounds, and 4D ultrasounds cost several hundred dollars more than 2D ultrasounds. 

Facility Type

The cost of your ultrasound exam may also be determined by the sort of facility where you obtain it. Remember that additional expenses for your checkup may be required to cover the cost of the office visit, supplies utilized, or other diagnostic testing, such as lab tests. 

Outpatient institutions are frequently less expensive than inpatient hospitals since they require fewer employees, materials, and upkeep. As a result, getting an ultrasound in an urgent care center or doctor’s office rather than a hospital will be less expensive. If you have a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room. 


The state and city where you have an ultrasound can influence the cost. Prices differ significantly across the country. In California, for example, an eye ultrasound may cost between $470 and $1,250, but just between $170 and $440 in Texas. 

Furthermore, expect to pay more in locations with larger population densities and living costs, such as New York City and Los Angeles, than in more suburban areas. If you want to choose a facility based on price but live in a major city, call around to several places or drive outside the region for a cheaper rate that meets your budget.

Cost of Ultrasound Without Insurance 

As mentioned above, the cost of an ultrasound is not static across the board, and it varies from place to place. The average ultrasound cost in most cities ranges from around $110 to $370. Compared to cities, the prices are usually lower in suburban areas. Looking for a doctor outside the city may save money.

Below is the average cost of ultrasound in multiple cities in the United States


The average cost of ultrasound by city


StateUltrasound Price Range
New York, NY$140 – $350
Los Angeles, CA$140 – $370
Miami, FL  $130 – $320  
Houston, TX$120 – $300
Philadelphia, PA$140 – $340
Phoenix, AZ$120 – $310
Atlanta, GA$120 – $320
Washington, DC$130 – $320
Dallas, TX$110 – $280
Chicago, IL$130 – $330

The average cost of ultrasound by body part

Ultrasound TypeUltrasound Price Range
Fetal $290 – $4,000
Head and Neck$160 – $1,600
Eye Exam$210 – $2,000
Chest$290 – $2,400
Breast$160 – $2,250
Abdominal$290 – $2,400
Pelvic$220 – $3,200
Hip$320 – $1,350
Spine$410 – $600
Bone$70 – $900

Average Cost of Common Ultrasounds By State

Type of UltrasoundEstimated Price in CaliforniaEstimated Price in New YorkEstimated Price in Texas
Fetal $180 – $800$190 – $480$200 – $500
Abdominal $140 – $360$130 – $320$100 – $260
Bone$30 – $70$30 – $80$40 – $110
Breast$120 – $300$120 – $300$100 – $240
Chest$260 – $675$130 – $320$120 – $310
Extremity$130 – $320$130 – $320$100 – $250
Eye$470 – $1,250$450 – $1,200$170 – $440
Head and Neck$100 – $240$90 – $230$80 – $190
Pelvic$130 – $320$170 – $440$140 – $350
Spinal$150 – $370$150 – $380$130 – $340

Save Money on Ultrasound Exams

Compared to alternative diagnostic methods, ultrasounds saved uninsured patients an average of $2,826. However, even though ultrasounds are a less expensive diagnostic procedure when compared to other possibilities, they can still be costly. Here are some methods for saving money on an ultrasound exam: 

Select a 2D ultrasound. While 4D ultrasounds may be thrilling for new parents since they allow them to see their developing fetus, “they are not medically necessary and are unlikely to be billable through insurance,” according to Dr. Cousin.

Consult an in-network provider if you have insurance. Your healthcare provider must accept your insurance. When your insurance covers ultrasounds, they can be substantially less expensive.

Visit an outpatient clinic. As long as you do not have any severe symptoms, it would help if you tried to get an ultrasound at a doctor’s office or an urgent care center. Testing at facilities is often less expensive than testing at hospitals.

Call several facilities. The cost of an ultrasound might vary significantly within a single state or city. Call a few nearby institutions and inquire about prices to discover the most economical alternative.

From Where to Get an Ultrasound Without Insurance

There are a few choices for receiving an ultrasound without insurance. You can go to a state-run medical facility or a public hospital, which might provide services at a reduced cost or even for free. Additionally, research-specialized imaging facilities or private clinics frequently provide self-pay clients with subsidized rates. You can also look online for affordable ultrasound services in your area. The price of an ultrasound for an uninsured patient might range from $50 to $400, depending on the type of scan you require.

FAQs About the Cost of Ultrasound Without Insurance

Q1: How much is an ultrasound without insurance? 

A1: Depending on the type of ultrasound being performed and the location where it is being conducted, the price of ultrasound without insurance might vary considerably. Transvaginal ultrasounds typically cost between $200 and $500, and abdominal ultrasounds might cost anywhere between $200 and 900. In bigger cities or specialized imaging facilities, prices could be higher. Additionally, certain establishments might give discounts to customers who pay cash. To determine how much your ultrasound will cost, speaking with your imaging center directly is best.

Q: Are there any discounts available for ultrasounds without insurance?

A lot of providers give discounts to those who lack insurance for ultrasounds. To find out if there are any savings available, it is preferable to contact your provider. Additionally, a sliding pricing schedule that is based on income is provided by some providers, which can help lower the cost of an ultrasound.

1. What additional expenses should I anticipate if I don’t have insurance for an ultrasound? 

A: Some providers may charge for any additional tests done during the ultrasound in addition to the cost of the scan itself. This may entail imaging examinations or other lab procedures. To find out the precise cost of each test that will be run, it is best to contact your provider. 

Q: Are payment plans available for ultrasounds without insurance? 

A: Many physicians do offer ultrasounds without insurance on payment plans. It is best to inquire about their payment options directly with your supplier. Additionally, some service providers accept payments from flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).

2. Are there any additional expenses for ultrasounds not covered by insurance? 

A: Some providers may also charge for any necessary medical supplies, such as gel or other materials used during the treatment, in addition to the price of the ultrasound itself and any further tests. It is best to contact your provider to determine the exact price of any required supplies.


Overall, depending on the type of ultrasound and the location of the treatment, the cost of ultrasound without insurance might vary considerably. However, generally speaking, the price is between $200 and $2,000 or more. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to reduce the cost of the process, including comparison shopping and searching for special offers. Additionally, certain healthcare providers could give financing options without interest or payment plans. Ultimately, it’s crucial to consult a medical professional to learn how much an ultrasound will cost and review your payment alternatives.