$750,000 Term Life Insurance Rates In 2021

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Looking for the best term life insurance rates for $750,000? A $750,000 term insurance is an excellent option for many people who desire more than $500,000 in coverage but don’t want a million-dollar policy. If you earn more than $50,000 per year and are the single provider for your family, this amount will assist in guaranteeing that they can continue their quality of living if something were to happen to you.

How Much Is the Cost for $750,000 in Life Insurance?

When it comes to insurance, the cost is a key consideration, and your age is only one of several factors that will determine how much you pay in the end. Each organization will assign a separate rating to you. Each one, however, will consider your present and previous health, tobacco status, family history, and build (height/weight ratio).

Sample Rates for $750,000 Life Insurance

Consider how much a $750,000 life insurance policy may cost you. We computed quotes for each decade. Preferred Best prices are based on non-smoking men and ladies, and your rate may be greater depending on your unique health and circumstances.

$750000 Quote Samples (For Men)


10 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
Age 20$18.27$26.63$44.08
Age 30$18.27$27.25$45.84
Age 40$24.73$40.76$76.11
Age 50$60.23$109.76$185.12
Age 60$169.21$303.28N/A
Age 70$479:21$1164.16N/A
Age 80$1785.12N/A


Rates for $750,000 Term Life Insurance

Now that we’ve reviewed the fundamentals let’s look at the rates for a $750,000 term life insurance policy with a 20-year term to determine which firms are competitive. These figures should not be construed as the prices you will be offered but rather as instances of what may happen.

Assume John Doe is a 40-year-old nonsmoker in good health. As you can see, he is given a variety of rates for the same coverage, but Banner, SBLI, and Protective continue to be the most affordable.

The Top Life Insurance Companies For A $750,000 Policy

Many firms provide $750,000 term plans, but their pricing and services differ greatly.

The three firms listed below are among the most affordable for a $750,000 coverage. Although we deal with other competitive businesses, including Prudential, Transamerica, American General, and others, these are the main three.

  • Banner: 5 star
  • Protective: 5 star
  • SBLI: 5 star

Banner Life: With an A.M. Best rating of A+ and reasonable rates, Banner is a huge firm with a large reputation for delivering good coverage for less.

Protective: This firm likewise has a higher A.M. Best rating, and its premiums are often the same as Banner Life. It also offers a variety of riders that you may add to your policy to tailor it to your specific requirements.

SBLI: Like the other two companies mentioned above, SBLI provides inexpensive rates and has an A.M. Best rating. If you are 70 or older, you should be informed that SBLI only offers plans up to $500,000 for your age category. Because of its low prices, SBLI will be one of your top insurance providers if you are younger. It is a smaller firm whose term policy is guaranteed (premiums remain constant during the term) or renewable (premiums renewed every year and based on current age).

Being Eligible for $750,000 in Term Life Insurance

Your health plays a significant role in establishing your eligibility for coverage. You obtain the best prices if you are in good health and have no future concerns or prior diseases. However, your financial status is also vital in justifying the level of coverage and ensuring that you can pay the premiums.

Here is a quick overview of the financial criteria for a $750,000 policy:

If you’re 71 or older, you’re probably retired. In this instance, your eligibility for term coverage will be determined mostly by your total financial status. You should have no issue qualifying if you can pay the monthly/annual charges.


The availability of companies is the most significant barrier for older candidates, and there are fewer firms that offer coverage after the age of 70.

Many firms no longer offer term insurance beyond particular age categories, and you may only have access to permanent insurance.

Some businesses, for example, no longer sell term life insurance coverage after the age of 65.

Even the greatest companies will limit the length of time provided beyond a certain age. A corporation may sell insurance at 65 or 70, but only for ten years. Permanent plans, such as Whole Life or Universal Life insurance, can offer coverage for a lifetime (For additional details, see our post Best life insurance for seniors over 60).

Trying to accomplish this on your own is a massive task, and you won’t have access to the underwriting guidelines. You’ll be shopping blind if you don’t have access to all the underwriting guides. You may eventually apply with a company that will not provide you with the best rate possible due to several issues that your representative will explain.

Expert Tip: The provider with the cheapest quote isn’t always the greatest offer. It is up to the firm to approve you at the highest health class rating.

Rates for $750,000 Term Life Insurance

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