Lincoln Life Insurance Reviews

Lincoln Life Insurance Reviews

In this article you will get to know about the Lincoln Life Insurance Reviews of all its life insurance policies and packages.

Lincoln Financial Group offers a variety of life insurance products to customers. Lincoln is one of the most significant life insurance companies available. They are one of the go-to insurers for several conditions, and anyone searching for a term and permanent life insurance should take a good look at them.


The Lincoln Financial Group was founded in 1905, more than a century ago. Lincoln National Corporation, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, and the Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York are all other names for the same Company.

Lincoln’s Best Company Score

Best Company has given Lincoln Life Insurance an A+ rating. This is critical for folks concerned about their life insurance company paying out a death claim. Lincoln Financial Insurance’s financial position is exceptionally robust, with total life insurance in force of $705 billion.

Term Life Insurance

Lincoln offers two types of term life insurance:

  1. Level Term for Lincoln Life Elements (Medical Exam)
  2. Term of Lincoln Accel (No Medical Exam)

Level Term for Lincoln Life Elements

The Lincoln Life, Elements Level Term policy, is an insurance policy with a guaranteed level premium for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years (note: the 30-year term is not available in Maryland). The dividend is set for the duration. When your term life insurance policy expires, it will be renewed yearly until you reach the age of 95.

Term of Lincoln Accel

Do you want to avoid taking the medical exam? When you fulfill specific underwriting standards, Lincoln’s Term Accel no medical exam term life insurance is available.

When no exam is necessary, your application can be accepted in as little as two business days. Term Accel is a level term life insurance policy with 15, 20, or 30 years. Coverage ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000. You can also change this policy to Lincoln’s permanent policy.

Lincoln offers a few permanent life insurance policies for customers searching for longer-term coverage. Lincoln Life Guaranteed

Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Lincoln offers a few permanent life insurance policies for customers searching for longer-term coverage.

  1. UL Accumulator
  2. Indexed UL Accumulator

UL Accumulator

Lincoln Life Guarantee UL gives a level death benefit option on a Universal Life plan with a guaranteed premium. Please keep in mind that the life insurance provided by a Guaranteed Universal Life plan is permanent. GUL is also known as “Lifetime Term.”

Indexed UL Accumulator

Lincoln’s Indexed Universal Life provides buyers with universal Life’s versatility. It also allows you to have a more considerable cash value growth potential than other items.

Consider utilizing permanent life insurance to support buy-sell agreements, estate planning, or secure coverage for your whole Life.

Where does Lincoln excel, and where does it need to improve?


  • Solid financials Term Life Insurance
  • Products with an Indefinite Life
  • Option for No Medical Exam


  • Consistent Customer Service Evaluations
  • High face sums for term life insurance are less competitive.
  • There is no whole life.

The Best Lincoln Life Insurance for People Over the Age of 70

Lincoln Financial may be able to help clients over the age of 70 who have diabetes if they meet the following criteria:

  • Diagnosed only a few years ago,
  • Type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed.
  • There is no history of proteinuria, and the A1C during the previous 12 months is 6.0 or below.
  • An excellent cardiac workup,
  • There is no history of neuropathy or retinopathy, and the lipids are normal (meets required lipids criteria).

As seen by the above information, Lincoln Life is a trustworthy life insurance provider. Lincoln’s Life does have several flaws. Just like any other life insurance company.

Is There Anything Negative About Lincoln Life Insurance?

We don’t like many things about Lincoln, but one is the lack of complete life insurance coverage.

Lincoln Financial Group does not provide a whole life insurance policy option.

This is unfortunate for folks who require whole life insurance, even though I typically recommend terms for most circumstances. If you need permanent life insurance coverage that is less expensive than your entire Life, universal life insurance is the way to go.

Keep in mind that numerous life insurance companies will provide you the opportunity to convert your term life insurance to a whole life policy during the covered period.

Lincoln Financial Group does not provide this service. However, you can switch to Universal Life coverage. Furthermore, as is typical for most insurance companies, you will find various informal stories online posted by customers who are dissatisfied with their experience with a Lincoln Financial Group insurance program.

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