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Established in 1958, Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company is an Oklahoma-based company. Its headquarters is situated in Texas. Liberty was initially affiliated with Liberty Life Group Trust and other numerous subsidiaries. There are around ten different annuity products available that Liberty offers regularly. However, its approach to healthcare supplements and life insurance is its crucial area of strength. Today, Heritage Guaranty Holdings, Inc. is currently the parent company of Liberty Bankers, with billion of assets and million in premiums.

 It offers multiple insurance programs, each depending upon the preference and necessity of customers. The particular provides a full line of annuity products and whole life insurance to assist customers in planning their financially stable future. Keeping customer financial requirements in mind, liberty bankers’ life insurance offers deferred annuities and a wide range of adequate features to satisfy their clients. The essential life insurance products include term life insurance, expense life insurance, and permanent life insurances. 

Liberty life insurance is among those few insurance companies overshadowed by some of the top insurance companies in the United States of America. It reportedly has over $2 billion in the total asset. According to the credit rating of AM Best, Liberty bankers has a balanced strength assessment sheet, risk-adjustment capital, and a reliable number of reserves. The Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) has thoroughly measured Liberty’s resources and validated these rankings and assessments. With a variety of operations going on, annuity remains the most extensive line of booming business. However, life and health insurance services have also recently started to contribute to operations significantly.

Over the course of previous years, Liberty Bankers group has specifically demonstrated several organic and inorganic growth capabilities through acquisitions and innovations. Typically, the company only offers those products and services with low to medium risk vulnerability with a minimal product risk profile. In addition, the chief risk officer ensures smooth operations.

Available insurance products

Here is the list of products that Liberty offers,

  1. Liberty Legacy
  2. Supplemental Health insurance
  3. Annuities
  4. Medicare Supplemental Insurance
  5. Final Expense Life Insurance
  6. Preneed Life Insurance
  7. Home Service

Annuities are more like retirement opportunities, which usually cost hundreds of dollars per month. In contrast, Medicare and health life insurance provide medications and pay for medical procedures if needed.

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How much do Liberty Bankers’ life insurance rates cost?

Unlike other insurance companies, you will not be able to find Liberty’s sample quotes anywhere across the internet; you will have to contact a reliable insurance agent from the company if you wish to explore Liberty’s selections.

Moreover, Liberty designs customized quotes as per each client’s preferences and necessities. These rates are based on your health, age, and death benefits, respectively. That is also why you need to get in touch with a relevant insurance agent instead.

Reviews and Ratings of Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company 

According to A.M. Best, Liberty Bankers life insurance has a rating of B++. Although it is not a hopeless case given its competitors, there are better providing and performing insurance companies in the industry doing the same job in a much better manner, with better financial standing and credit ratings.

Nonetheless, according to another rating, Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company stands at an A+ rating. In addition, the better Business Bureau (BBB) considers Liberty one of the industry’s best insurance providers

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