Angel Care Insurance Reviews

Angel care insurance reviews

In this article you will get to know about the honest Angel care insurance reviews of all its insurance products and all life insurance policies.

Let’s start

It may appear that ‘Angel care’ is the name of an insurance company that is selling an insurance policy, but instead, it is, in fact, the ‘Northstar Insurance advisors’ that are at the back of the angel care project. Northstar is a reputable insurance providing company with credible and reliable ratings in the market. In addition, it is a legal and registered agency with necessary licenses that allow the execution of its operations smoothly.

Northstar is essentially based in Wentzville, Missouri and employ insurance agents from all across the nation. Unfortunately, they don’t have any digital consultation website or much of an online presence. However, their online reviews are all positive and always lauding their services.

Available Insurance Policies and Packages 

Their agents are often and mostly selling life insurance policies, which generally cover your end-of-life cost. Life insurance policies broadly resemble a whole life insurance plan. However, this plan is formulated with lenient underwriting, so minimal health issues are not challenging to qualify for this policy.

Some other important details about their available insurance packages are:

  • They offer relaxed but fixed premiums for a lifetime.
  • The initial coverage that is guaranteed is never reduced or decreased.
  • Policies that are initially agreed upon never expire.
  • No pre-purchasing medical or otherwise exam is deemed necessary.

All their plans involve life insurance; therefore, in case of your demise, the insurance company will payout cash payment to your designated beneficiaries. Note that all the cash payments are tax exclusive.

This way, your family or the beneficiary left behind will have enough finances to cover your burial expenses and cover for another arrangement. Whatever would be leftover, after all the necessary payments, will go to your family directly.

Can you trust Angel Care Insurance?

Do your research before purchasing angel care insurance, but look out for scams. Get in touch with their insurance agent on-call or person before buying the policy. Moreover, there is no other way of purchasing any package or policy online. So, you will have to get in touch with the company’s insurance agent nevertheless.

Final Expense Coverage 

Angel Care has no digital or online presence anywhere. They don’t have any website, so you will have to call at customer service number to get in touch with them.

This lack of a virtual footprint is one of the main reasons behind mass level speculations towards the company. However, our research has validated that there is no reason to be overly sceptical about any of their policies. You can trust them for purchasing an insurance plan for yourself. However, here are few things that you should know about:

  • Angel Care doesn’t have an official website. So there is no digital platform available from where you can learn about the company.
  • The carriers of Angel Care are not known. So, there might be a chance that the official pages of this company might represent more than one company.
  • There is no formal quoting platform available for Angel Care. Therefore, there is no way to determine the estimated cost of purchasing an insurance policy without consulting an agent.

Generally, it is not as difficult a task as it appears in this case since most of the details are available online for customers interested in purchasing the policy. However, with Angel care insurance, you will undoubtedly have to step ahead and conduct rigorous research on your own.

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