Life insurance for people with HIV

life insurance for people with HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is considered a retrovirus that affects the immune system of the individual. It should be noted that there is a big difference between AIDS and HIV since many people consider that they are synonymous and they are not. When a person has HIV it does not mean that they have AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) as this is the most serious stage that implies that the immune system can no longer protect the body.

An individual with HIV can live for many years if controlled with a special treatment that is usually based on retrovirals. In fact, you may be healthier than someone with diabetes. However, despite the fact that science advances and medications can help a person continue with their normal life, many insurers still exclude users who wish to take out Life insurance to protect their loved ones if they were to miss out.

This is due to the risk that the virus implies, since life expectancy could decrease if it is not controlled. And that is why there is hardly any policy on the market for individuals with HIV. However, some companies try to figure out how to calculate the Life premium for people with this condition, since as mentioned before, this virus does not imply a life surrounded by constant illness or near death.

The vast majority of companies will not carry life insurance to an insured who has HIV. However, there are specialized options that can be tried. The main coverage will be that of death.

What coverage can I buy for HIV life insurance?

The main guarantee is death from any cause, which is the basic and main coverage in your life insurance.The guarantee of absolute permanent disability will not be possible to contract.

What requirements do you request to take out life insurance for HIV-positive people?

The requirements for hiring are the same as for any insured, that is, the application is initiated and it has to answer the questions about the profession and the state of health stipulated by the company. In this questionnaire it is important to answer these questions truthfully .

In addition to this questionnaire, to expand the information from the company they will ask us for a medical report that includes the diagnosis, treatment and current status.

With these data the company will carry out the assessment in which they will tell us if it is possible to insure or not and the conditions of the policy.

How much is life insurance if I have a disease?

The price of life insurance depends on the age and the capital to be insured. In this article we tell you all about how much life insurance costs .

Therefore, it is not possible to speak of a fixed price since it will depend on the age of the insured and the capital to be insured. In the case we are talking about, there is also the medical assessment of the company that may suppose that they apply some type of surcharge for the health issue.

If you are interested in knowing the final price of an HIV life insurance, you should know that until the valuation is made by the company you will not know what it is.

To know the price you can contact us in the way that is most comfortable for you and we will help you start the process with a specialist company.

What services do I have included in the HIV life insurance?

– Provides a service of management and advice for the extrajudicial succession process, which can be derived from death.

– Legal advice on the granting of a will.

These are questions that have sometimes been posed to us, and since it is an issue that many people care about, it is important that each point is clear.

Alternatives to leave the family a livelihood in case of missing

One of the options is to contract a Savings policy and retirement plan , in which the interested person can contribute an amount up to the term they choose, which can be from 5 to 20 years or until they reach 65 years of age. If you want to change the periodicity, in many cases you will have to wait for the term established in the contract to expire. Likewise, you may add additional capital, as long as it is greater than the minimum contribution established.

One of the benefits of some companies such as AIG, is to deliver a Loyalty Bonus , which is an award that is delivered to the client who has completed their first year of committed contributions, this amount is calculated as a percentage. It is important to read the terms and conditions to choose the best way to obtain it.

There are also other performance alternatives so that the capital can increase a little more, these can be Conservative Insured Sum, Pesos, Balanced Pesos, Balanced Dollars, Preserved Euros, among others.

After a stipulated time, partial withdrawals may be made , but these will have an extra charge. You can also use the savings before the stipulated term, with certain additional administrative amounts and without a loyalty bonus.

In the event of death, that available money will be delivered to the beneficiaries that were stipulated in the policy. In some cases, the reserve that was in place on the date of the loss would only be given or the Retirement Fund would be provided if a retirement plan was chosen.

Similarly, there is an additional insurance for death , which as its name indicates, is contracted separately, however, in this policy an insured sum is indicated to deliver to the beneficiaries and is deducted from the retirement fund. This plan can be contracted at any time and ends when the capital saved is withdrawn.

It should be noted that it is probable that the Funeral Expenses coverage can be contracted , in which the company will provide funeral service when the death of the insured occurs, as long as it occurs within the term of the same. The assists could be the following:

  • Management of procedures such as Death Certificate and Medical Certificate.
  • Transfer of the body.
  • Aesthetic preparation.
  • Metallic coffin.
  • Wake-up room or accessories if it is decided that it is in a home.
  • Cremation of the body in an urn, in this one as well and includes the transfer.
  • Telephone assistance for family members where information on the insurance contracted, pensions, claims, etc. is provided.
  • Assistance in document procedures such as marriage certificate, birth, pension, leave due to death before organizations such as IMSS or ISSSTE

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The age limit to contract this coverage can be up to 70 years and the waiting period for the company to attend is three months from the date this policy is registered. It should also be verified if there is assistance for repatriation of remains in case the person is in another country when the accident occurred. The more benefits that consulting with the executive can be known.

In the aforementioned coverage, no exclusion has been found for people with HIV. However, it is important to read the terms of the policy and ask about any limitations so that you do not have any problems when disposing of the money or giving it to family members.

As science advances, at some point insurance companies will not leave people with this condition helpless who want to protect their future and that of their loved ones. These are some coverages that could support them, however, the market in this sector is extensive so there may be other special plans. Therefore, the importance of comparing yourself with the different companies that offer this insurance before hiring. An online comparator can be of great help, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, AIG, has a free quote, and several companies also have this tool that will save time and money.

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