New state regulated life insurance program


What Exactly Is State Regulated Life Insurance?

A state-regulated life insurance scheme does not exist. These mailers are a particularly misleading method of promoting life insurance. They have no ties to any government agency. If you return these cards, a life insurance representative will call you.

While the wording of these mailers may vary based on where you reside, they are all fundamentally the same. “New funeral expenditure benefit,” “new state-regulated life insurance program,” or “state-regulated life insurance program to compensate for your last expenses” are some typical instances.

These mailings are used to create sales leads for local insurance brokers. If you send one back, you should expect the following:

  1. Agents will knock on your home to try to sell you life insurance.
  2. Agents will contact you to schedule a meeting to sell your life insurance.

These leads are frequently distributed to many agents over months or even years. Finally, several salespeople will try to offer you life insurance for your last expenditures. And this would continue for quite some time.

Is the government supporting these?

These offers are in no way associated with any government agency or state-run program. All of these mailers will have a disclaimer in terms and conditions at the bottom stating that they are not associated with any government agency.

We are frequently asked, “Is there any government agency that pays you money for funeral expenses?”

“There is no federal or state benefit that offers thousands of dollars in cash for a funeral.”

The only money provided by any government agency for end-of-life expenses is $255 from Social Security.

You may be wondering… What is the significance of phrases like “state-regulated life insurance scheme to pay last expenses”?

The answer is easy. It’s an attempt to earn your trust by making you believe it’s from the government.

The fact is that most individuals naturally have a high level of faith in the government. Everyone understands that a government organization will not steal your identity or money. When you call the IRS or Social Security, you don’t hesitate to give them your SSN because you know it’s in good hands. The government is far from ideal. That is beyond doubt. However, one thing is certain: they will not attempt to defraud you in any illegal way. At the end of the day, the overall sense of government affiliation directly boosts the percentage of individuals who return the cards.

Here’s What They Mean When They Say “State Regulated”

When the words “state-controlled” appear on these cards, it’s only a wordplay.

Let us elaborate.

The federal government regulates all insurance at the state level. Any insurance firm that wants to sell an insurance product in your state must first obtain clearance from your state’s insurance department. The insurance provider must give them the product’s pricing, application, and a slew of other financial details. Once all of the product’s standards have been satisfied, the department of insurance will approve it. This is where the phrase “state-regulated” derives. Technically, it is not a lie. However, it is completely deceptive to encourage individuals to believe that your state’s government is administering and “controlling” this program. This “offer” is unknown to any level of government. It makes no difference where you live. Many of these mailings will mention your state.

They’ll make statements like

  • Benefits information for North Carolina residents exclusively for 2021
  • Only Mississippi residents are eligible for these benefits.
  • Or, for that matter, Virginia, Texas, or any other state.

When they mail these advertising, many of them will include the name of the state to which they are mailing to further hide the fact that they are affiliated with a government entity. Just keep in mind, None of these commercials using your state’s name are endorsed or associated in any way with your state government. One more thing, these “benefits” are not limited to the state to which they are mailing. The numerous life insurance products on offer are accessible in virtually every state. It’s just another deception to make you believe it has something to do with the government (your state government to be more specific). It most certainly is not.

Is it a scam or are these mailings legitimate?

Simply explained, these mailings are not a fraud.

Are their business practices honest? No, not.

Here’s how it works:

If you return one of these, you will be besieged by insurance salespeople attempting to sell you life insurance. They will be certified insurance agents who sell life insurance. You don’t have to be concerned that they’ll take your identity or your money.


If You Require Life Insurance to Cover Final Expenses Here’s a Better & Safer Way to Find It

Look, if you do want funeral price life insurance to ensure that your family is not burdened by your burial fees, there is a simple and secure method to obtain it. You don’t have to send in a deceptive card and then wait for an agent to show up at your door.

This is how you do it

Find a trustworthy independent agency that is licensed in your state. Make sure they represent at least ten insurance providers so they can search around for the best rate for you.

Here are some steps you may take to identify a reliable agency to assist you.

  1. Look for internet reviews (Facebook, Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc.)
  2. Check to see whether they are BBB accredited and have an A rating.
  3. Check the website of your state’s insurance department to ensure they are licensed.

Once you’ve found a suitable agency, tell them what you’re looking for and let them get to work.

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