Purple Cross Funeral Insurance: Ensure Your Family is Cared For

Purple Cross Funeral Insurance

Death is certain, as is the associated cost of funeral expenses when one dies. Suppose you want your family not to suffer from double trauma at one time. In that case, one is emotional and the other financial; choosing Purple Cross funeral insurance would keep you away from these worries. The policy aims to provide financial protection to you in your life to ensure that your family will get the death costs covered with financial coverage.   

The policy pays a lump sum to the insured’s designated beneficiary, who can use this money to pay for final expense costs, burial expenses, and debts of the deceased. The coverage amount of the policy lies between $5000-425,000. With affordable premiums, you can get the peace of mind you deserve.  

Purple Cross Funeral Insurance Explained  

The purple cross funeral insurance policy provides a complete package for covering your burial and funeral expenses. The policy’s money covers funeral-related expenses such as cremation or burial services, cemetery plot and vault, casket and urn, memorial service, and other associated expenses. The policy also pays for transporting the deceased to the funeral home and other necessary expenses.   

The policy premiums are very affordable and come with various payment options. You can purchase the policy with a single premium or a series of payments over five years. Premiums are the fixed amount of cash that you pay for the policy. They vary for the age of the policyholder and the amount of coverage they choose. The payment option is not static, but you will pay your premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly installments.   

Moreover, the policy provides flexible coverage options, allowing you to customize your policy whenever needed. For instance, you can get additional coverage for pre-paid funeral expenses and additional riders that would get you coverage for accidental death or dismemberment.   

Eligibility Criteria  

Purple Cross has given the eligibility criteria for individuals who want to purchase their funeral insurance policy. Here are the things you should meet if you want to apply for the policy:   

  • Aged between 18-80  
  • Living in Australia or new zealand  
  • In a good health  
  • Good financial standing  
  • Able to pay the required premiums regularly  
  • The waiting period lasts between 3-12 months  

What Does the Purple Cross Funeral Insurance Policy Cover  

The policy provides coverage for people between the ages of 18-80. The insured’s age, the preferred benefit level, and your payment method all affect how much coverage you get. The benefit level is $5,000 to $25,000 in total.  

Additionally, the policy offers extra advantages like a funeral director service and a burial plot. The funeral director service may also provide a hearse and a casket to aid with planning and directing the funeral. The insurance provider offers a burial site that may be utilized for either burial or cremation.  

The policy also offers other optional benefits, including a memorial ceremony, flowers, a casket, and a headstone. You can choose these extra perks while making your purchase or add them later.  

The insured’s death or disability would be covered under the policy’s accidental death and disability provisions, resulting in payment of the full benefit amount. This might be helpful if the insured is the family’s primary income provider because it can help with funeral expenses and give the family some financial security.  

What Does the Policy Not Cover  

Purple Cross Funeral Insurance aims to assist you with the funeral cost, but it does not cover all expenses.   


  1. Funeral expenses are more than the amount of coverage you purchased. You can make the difference if the price of your funeral exceeds the coverage provided by your policy.   
  2. Present health issues or therapies connected to the decedent’s death. The insurer will not pay for any treatments, medications, or hospital fees associated with the death.   
  3. Any expenses for moving the deceased’s body or ashes. If you want it done, you will need to make arrangements and pay for transferring the deceased’s body or ashes.    
  4. The price of burial or cremation. The policy does not cover these expenses, but they are covered separately.   
  5. Identifiable things like jewels, clothes, or gravestones. The beneficiary should purchase these things separately as the policy does not cover them   
  6. The price of a religious rite or ritual. The policy does not provide coverage for these expenses.   
  7. Fees for the funeral director. The family members should pay for these expenses, and the insurer would not pay for them.   
  8. Any fees related to the death’s legal proceedings. The policy does not cover them.  
  9. Any costs associated with the death, such as those for obituaries or newspaper notices. 
  10. Any other services you might need, such as catering or floral tributes. These services must be paid for separately. 

Cost of the Purple Cross Funeral Insurance  

The type of coverage you select will affect the price of the policy. Your age, gender, and the coverage you require will all affect the price. Funeral insurance typically has a monthly premium component and an upfront expense.   

Depending on your age and the level of coverage you choose, the monthly premiums for the coverage can range from $10 to $50. The upfront, one-time cost is often predetermined and hovers around $50.   

The policy provides other advantages besides the upfront cost and the cost of your premiums for funeral insurance. These include the capacity to modify your policy, lock in your premium rate, and support your loved ones financially in the event of your demise.   

Can I Cancel my Purple Cross Funeral Insurance Policy 

It can be challenging to cancel your policy. You can follow some actions to process it smoothly to avoid the hassle.   

Review your policy:

Before canceling your Purple Cross funeral insurance, you should review your policy to ensure you comprehend its terms and conditions. Read the section on cancellation carefully, and make sure you are aware of any fines or penalties that might be imposed if you decide to cancel the policy.  

Speak with Purple Cross: 

After reading and comprehending the policy, the next step is personally speaking with Purple Cross. You can reach them via phone or email to talk about your cancellation. They can answer any queries and give you additional details about the procedure.  

Present evidence of cancellation: 

After speaking with Purple Cross about the cancellation, you must present evidence that it has been made. This might be an email confirmation or a copy of the cancellation letter.  

Check for refunds: 

You might be entitled to a reimbursement if you purchased the coverage in advance. Make sure you have got the full reimbursement by checking with Purple Cross.  

Although canceling your policy can be challenging, it’s crucial to follow the above instructions to ensure that everything goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Make sure to speak with Purple Cross directly if you have any questions or concerns so they can give you the information and support you need.  


By enabling families to budget in advance for funeral costs, the policy gives them peace of mind. Purple Cross funeral insurance provides various services that cater to all individuals’ and families’ needs with various cost-effective plans and coverage alternatives. With a reputable provider, the coverage enables people and families to put less emphasis on worrying about the cost of end-of-life expenses and more on celebrating life and remembering loved ones.