AIG Life Insurance Company

AIG Life Insurance

AIG Life Insurance Company (American International Group) rebranded itself as Corebridge Financial in 2022. Corebridge Financial caters to the needs of marijuana users and helps them with cheap rates. Corebridge Financial was established in 1926 in New York.

It sells its product through the independent brokers, but some policies are available online too. Though unfortunately, Corebridge Financial suffered a huge cash crisis in 2008 due to its outstanding debts. Consequently, AIG took a loan of 85 Billion dollars from the Federal Reserve to overcome that failure.

However, in the last few years Corebridge Financial has made a great comeback! Let’s get started with the blog.  Thereby, we will cover these topics in as much detail as possible:

  1. What are the salient features of the AIG Life Insurance Company and its policies?
  2. Which types of Life Insurance Policy does AIG Life Insurance Company/ Corebridge Financial sell? 

What are the salient features of the AIG Life Insurance Company and its policies?

The highlights of Corebridge Financial are:

  1. It facilitates the marijuana users who use it only eight or less days a month with cheap rates.
  2. The people who use marijuana for vaping can also get better rates under “standard tobacco”.
  3. Lower rates for life insurance policies; both term and cash value ones.
  4. Term life policy “Select-A-Term” allows you to choose any term between 10-30, like 28 years.
  5. People who use marijuana more than 16 days a month will have their applications declined.
  6. Low operational, overhead, and internal company costs.
  7. Accurate and realistic policy illustrations.
  8. Company’s focus on cash value growth for policyholders.
  9. Solid financial performance of investments based life insurance policies. 

AIG Life Insurance Benefits

  • AIG Life Insurance provides a one-time tax-free payment to its beneficiaries in the event of the death of the policyholder.
  • Payments can be used for a variety of purposes including funeral expenses, mortgage payments, loans, or educational expenses.
  • AIG offers flexible plans custom-designed to individual needs, allowing flexibility in coverage.
  • Some plans come with a survivor’s allowance, which gives you a portion of the death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • AIG is recognized for its exceptional customer service and fast collection processing, ensuring that beneficiaries are funded in a timely manner.

Which types of Life Insurance Policy does AIG Life Insurance Company/ Corebridge Financial sell?

  1. Term life insurance(Select-A-Term)
  2. Whole Life and Burial Insurance (SimpliNow Legacy)
  3. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance
  4. Guaranteed Universal Life (Secure Lifetime GUL 3)
  5. Indexed Universal Life (Max Accumulator+ III, Value+ Protector III)


AIG Term Life Insurance(Select-A-Term)

The name of its USP Term Life insurance policy is “Select-A-Term”. It offers 18 duration options from 10-35 years. And this covers the age range of 18-80-years-old people. Moreover, the term life policy offers the least coverage of $100,000. Furthermore, you can renew your term life till the age of 95 years after it expires, annually. With each annual renewal, you pay higher premiums and you can renew till the age of 95 years.

 AIG Whole Life and Burial Insurance (SimpliNow Legacy)

Corebridge Financial’s Whole Life insurance policy offers policyholder fixed premiums for life. It has a steadily building cash value account. So, its distinctive USP whole life policy is a burial insurance called “SimplyNow Legacy”.

It is a simplified issue of burial insurance, by life insurance policy type. This policy covers the age range of 50-80 years-old. Anyway, the coverage ranges from $5000-$35,000. Moreover, you do not need to take a medical exam for it. Basically, you just have to answer some health related questions and you easily qualify!

It offers quick payout in 24-48 hours after your claim approval. This will pay your loved ones’ full death benefit after he passes away.

AIG Whole Life Insurance

AIG Whole Life Insurance” provides coverage for the rest of your life, giving you and your loved ones financial stability and peace of mind. This policy guarantees beneficiaries a lump sum payment upon your death, which you can repay funeral expenses , unpaid debts, or any other financial obligations that build up over time, allowing Money to be moved through plan loans or withdrawals as needed. This versatile plan covers a lifetime security, affordability, and flexibility to custom-design coverage to your specific needs and goals.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

This is a guaranteed acceptance burial insurance policy. If you have any serious or fatal illness, go for this. Anyone and everyone is approved for guaranteed issue whole life insurance. And you do not take any medical exam for this or answer any health questions. Usually, it comes with a 2 years’ waiting period though.

It covers the age range from 50-80 years-old people. This offers the coverage of $5000-$25,000. Since it comes with a waiting period, obviously it has graded death benefits.

Graded death benefits mean that if you die after a 2 years waiting period, your dependents will get full death benefit payout. However, if you die within the waiting period, they will receive a refund of premiums with interest.

AIG Guaranteed Universal Life (Secure Lifetime GUL 3)

Guaranteed Universal life insurance policy offers flexible premiums and death benefit payout. Corebridge Financial has a USP GUL aka “Secure Lifetime GUL 3”. This has an age range of 18-80 years-old people and offers a coverage of $100,000.

AIG Indexed Universal Life (Max Accumulator+ III, Value+ Protector III)

IUL policy generally ties up a portion of the policyholder’s cash value to the S & P 500 Stock Index, for its earlier growth. Corebridge Financial offers two awesome IUL policies:

Max Accumulator+ III Age Range: 18-80         Coverage $50,000        Minimum interest rate 2%

Value+ Protector III Age Range: 18-85          Coverage $100,000      Minimum interest rate 2%