Best Life Insurance for Felons- Secure Your Future

Best life insurance for felons

People with felony convictions can still find life insurance policies that cater to their circumstances, but their options may be limited depending on the severity of their criminal history. Some life insurance companies may consider insurance with convictions differently, imposing additional restrictions like higher premiums and waiting periods.

Understanding the different factors insurance companies consider when determining eligibility, the  best life insurance for felons, and the buying process can help you make well-informed decisions when seeking life insurance while having an incarceration history.

Do Life Insurance Companies Check Criminal Records?

Although insurance companies will consider the applications of people who wish to take up the best life insurance for felons, the insurance companies will conduct background checks on such applicants. There is, for instance, a criminal history record, which is an aspect they consider while assessing this aspect. The background check also enables the insurers to determine the criminal history of the candidate, and this results in identifying their eligibility for coverage as well as the risk level associated with the candidate. However, the degree to which life insurance providers pay attention to such records is in question. But of course, you are probably asking yourself what sorts of crimes can put you in danger of your chances of getting approval for a policy.

Factors Life Insurance Companies Consider

Felons eligible for traditional life insurance policies typically meet certain criteria, demonstrating a lower risk profile for insurance companies. These criteria can include:

Time Since Conviction: Felons convicted 10 or more years ago may be considered for traditional life insurance. Significant time elapsed since the conviction can indicate a stable, low-risk lifestyle.

Probation or Parole Status: Individuals who haven’t been on probation or parole for at least 10 years may be eligible. This demonstrates a sustained period of compliance with legal requirements.

Nature of the Crime: Felons whose convictions weren’t related to violent crimes may have a better chance of securing traditional life insurance. Insurance companies often view people with a history of violent crimes as a higher risk to insure.

Every insurer has its own eligibility rules for applicants. Some may limit life insurance policies for people in custody or those with a criminal history, regardless of how long ago the conviction was. Compare the different best life insurance for felons and ask about the available options to make sure you’re getting the most suitable policy based on your specific circumstances.

How a Felony May Impact Life Insurance?

Here is a draft passage on how a criminal record can affect a life insurance application:

Having a criminal record may negatively impact or completely deny a person an opportunity to have life insurance in several ways. Insurance companies know that if you are currently facing felony charges, then you are likely to be considered a high-risk applicant, and thus they will only come for your application once the charges are dropped. A felony conviction, especially for a violent crime or repeat offenses will make approval extremely challenging but there is some room depending on your circumstance.

Some of the requirements that insurance companies consider include: probationers, parolees, or incarcerated individuals cannot qualify for life insurance until they complete their probation for a year. Misdemeanors or even infractions will not influence your application or premiums unless, like, you have multiple recent crimes, such as DUIs, among others.

Criminal records in the past are also considered during the application of Daniels’ Law. The last situation is when the applicant has a history of violent felonies or has multiple convictions, in such conditions, approval is very challenging. Thus, the older or minor felony may not completely bar the person from getting coverage but the premiums will be higher. Other than recent or repeated misdemeanors, they usually do not affect the application.

Hence, regardless of the charges, if an insurance company recognizes that the client hid some or all aspects of his criminal record, the act is considered fraud. This means that the applicant will automatically be declined plus, it will be very hard to get them coverage in the future. It should, therefore, be noted that even petty offenses should be reported to prevent this scenario.

In conclusion, it is not impossible to purchase the best life insurance for felons, but not in all situations. To increase the chances of being approved, one can provide full record details to the insurer and ensure that one has a clean record for some time. Hiring an independent agent can also prove useful for consulting when it comes to the application aspect. While it is true that many applicants have criminal records, these individuals can get covered with the right strategy.

How to buy life insurance if you have a felony conviction

How to buy life insurance if you have a felony conviction

Here are some tips for buying  best life insurance for felons:

Don’t wait too long to look for a policy.

Avoid waiting until months after the conviction to make your initial application. It is also important to note that insurance companies are likely to consider your application after some time has elapsed from the time you were convicted of the felony. As stated by many specialists, it is safe to wait at least 2 years after the end of probation or parole.

Apply with an independent broker.

Consult an independent insurance broker who focuses on high-risk life insurance policies. They will also tell you which companies provide insurance for those with felonies and where you can get the lowest possible rate.

Consider other types of life insurance.

As with any insurance product, be prepared to compare options and possibly apply with multiple insurance companies. But it is very challenging to get life insurance with a record and you are very likely to be rejected a few times before being accepted.

It is suggested to apply for a Simplified Issue or a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policy that requires less information about your health. However, the coverage limits are oftentimes lesser (for example $25,000 and below), but they can be underwritten much more easily.

It should be noted however that for people who want to apply for group life insurance where such a policy is offered by an employer, then it is important to know that some of the policies do not have requirements for medical exams as well as background checks.

Just remember to be persistent and not give up until you’re able to successfully do it, which might take a couple of tries. In as much as there are chances of being denied an insurance policy after a felony, it is not impossible to secure a life insurance policy with some effort.

 Best life insurance for felons

It must be noted that finding life insurance underwriting is rather difficult if one has a criminal background. However, there are a few best life insurance for felons to explore:

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

– This one is sometimes the simplest one to secure because there is frequently no medical examination or criminal record check.

– They cost more and offer less, in terms of protection offered or benefits paid out.

– Offers a minimum of protection when there are no better choices

Term Life Insurance

– Offers insurance for limited years or tenure (10-30 years).

– Premiums are less costly than guaranteed issues and the benefits are comparatively more generous.

– An individual’s eligibility depends on the type/level of crime as well as the period of captivity.

Whole Life Insurance

– Offers lifelong coverage

– The cash value that is created provides a credit that can be accessed when the need arises.

– The level of crime committed and the changes in the lifestyle of offenders since the conviction will also be assessed

– Able to draw more premium income but can be used in the long run.

It should also be noted that individuals with a criminal record may experience enhanced investigation or face specific restrictions from insurers. Talking to agents who have prior information about the coverage for ex-convicts can help find the perfect policy in no time. Other ways include reporting positive lifestyle changes and keeping a record of the behavior free from cooking up exaggerated stories will also help one get better rates and terms.


Life as a Felon isn’t easy, and while you might have repaid your debt to society, there are still roadblocks stopping you from progressing every day. 

However, companies are willing to work with you and give you the second chance you deserve.  

If you need the best life insurance for felons and are ready to move forward, you can discuss it with us to get started.