Union National Life Insurance Reviews

National life Insurance

In 1926, Union National Life Insurance Company was founded. It was acquired by the Kemper Corporation, one of the country’s major insurance companies, in 1989.

A low-cost home service insurance provider aimed at low- and middle-income families.

Personal insurance policies are marketed door-to-door by the company. Union National insurance agents make personal contact with their customers to collect monthly premiums and provide other services. Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas are among Union National’s states.

What Kinds of Benefits Does Union National Life Insurance Provide?

Union National provides a full range of life insurance options. Whole life, limited pay whole life, and term life insurance are all part of their business.

Insurance for the rest of your life

Whole life insurance provides lifetime coverage for a fixed premium paid overtime.

The insurance has a savings component that grows financial value over time and pays a death benefit.

Whole life insurance at a low premium

You will only be responsible for the total cost of your premiums for a limited number of years if you choose this option. The policy will remain in effect after then, but you will no longer be required to pay premiums.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a set period. Premiums usually are less expensive than whole life insurance, but the policy has no cash value.

Union National Life Insurance customer reviews

Customers have conflicting feelings about Union National Life Insurance, with many expressing dissatisfaction with their slow customer service. Furthermore, the firm has a track record of underpaying claims.

Is it possible to get a new Union National Life Insurance policy?

Union National can provide you with a new policy at any time.

When you contact the firm, you will be assigned an agent who will guide you through the entire insurance procedure.

The agent will assist you in determining which plan best suits your needs and financial condition, as well as making any necessary policy adjustments, collecting monthly premiums at your house, and filing a claim.

What Should I Do If I Need More Life Insurance or Burial Insurance?

If your financial status or personal circumstances have changed and you require additional coverage, you can contact the firm to update your policy using one of the ways listed above.

Additionally, get a second opinion. You might be able to get a better price somewhere else. Union National is a good firm, although their prices are occasionally higher than those of other companies.

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