Can a person have more than one life insurance policy?

more than one life insurance policy

Having more than one life insurance policy is not worth your time. Insurance providers give you the opportunity based on your insurance potential and reasonable cost. However, the more crucial query is, “Why would anyone want to do that?” Because having numerous policies will help you ensure that you have sufficient coverage to suit your loved ones’ demands for as long as they require protection and at a cost you can afford.

Should you think about buying more than one life insurance policy?

Your financial requirements and objectives may vary over time, most certainly. Due to your rising assets and obligations, you can change your life insurance coverage. In reality, there can come a time when a single policy is insufficient to cover your needs, and you need to contact a life insurance provider to request more coverage.

Contrary to popular belief, having numerous life insurance plans is relatively frequent. For instance, you might have a small life insurance from when you were a baby. However, now that you’re an adult with financial responsibilities, you need a second policy to support your expanding family. Alternatively, you might have a permanent life insurance policy to pay off the remaining balance of your mortgage and a minor term policy just for funeral costs.

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A different scenario might be if you already have a modest life insurance policy via your work but would like to add more protection for your family and loved ones. That might be another instance where more than one insurance is required to offer the desired level of security.

Having multiple life insurance policies

Here are certain factors to consider when deciding if having multiple life insurance policies is best for you.

Insurance restrictions

There is no hindrance to the number of life insurance plans you can own under the law. But be sure the benefits you’re requesting don’t exceed what would be appropriate for someone with your anticipated income and assets. To keep your policies in place, ensure you can afford the costs of maintaining them. Additionally, the insurer may demand a medical exam to determine your insurability if you currently own one policy with an insurance company and decide you want more.

Although insurance coverage limits differ by age and insurer, they typically fall between 15 and 35 times annual income. Be aware that insurability restrictions apply to the entire amount of coverage, not just to individual policies.

What allows purchasing more than one life insurance policy? 

What financial experts explain as “income replacement” is the primary justification for purchasing a life insurance policy: Life insurance provides a lump-sum cash payment on your death, which aids in supporting the individuals who depend on your income. Two factors suggest that one strategy might not be adequate.

One is that the necessity for insurance coverage may evolve. For instance, a couple getting married might desire a particular level of security. They might want to add more as they have kids—often, significantly more. However, 20 years from now, when the children are independent adults, they might prefer to keep a lower life insurance coverage for the remainder of their lives. You can ask yourself, “How much life insurance do I need?” Insureguardian offer the best solution.

Another explanation why you could need more than one life insurance policy? There are various types of plans with multiple features; some offer extra monetary advantages that can be helpful while you are still alive.

What are the alternatives to more than one life insurance policy?

Life insurance proves to be an essential part of financial investment, as it provides financial security for loved ones in an unexpected death. Multiple life insurance policies can provide financial protection for various individuals, but alternatives may be more cost-effective and efficient.

One alternative that occurs to multiple life insurance policies is a single policy with multiple beneficiaries. This type of policy allows you to designate multiple beneficiaries and specify how the proceeds should be divided among them. It is the most affordable way to provide life insurance coverage for multiple people without purchasing various policies.

Another option is to purchase a single policy with an umbrella beneficiary. This type of policy allows you to designate a single beneficiary who will receive the policy’s proceeds, regardless of how many people are insured under the policy.

Finally, consider the use of living trusts. You can easily transfer your assets to your loved ones through a living trust to beneficiaries upon death, including life insurance proceeds. It is the most cheap way to provide for multiple beneficiaries without purchasing various life insurance policies.

Regardless of your choice, discussing your plans with a qualified financial advisor is essential to ensure that your potential decisions are best for your family’s financial future.

Are multiple life insurance policies the right choice for your loved ones?

Although having several insurance policies is a choice, it may not always suit your requirements. You can raise the maximum of your current policy if you require more insurance. If you believe you need more than one policy, your circumstance is likely more complicated than the average. We advise speaking with a knowledgeable financial advisor who can respond to your inquiries, weigh the pros and cons, and direct you toward the coverage that best suits your need. If you don’t know someone with whom to talk insurance, Guardian can assist you in locating a local financial expert who will take the time to understand and observe your needs.

Frequently asked questions about more than one life insurance policy:


If you have two life insurance plans, what happens?

Your specific plans’ answers will vary, but they will all continue to offer coverage in the manner intended. If you possess a term policy (or policies), they will keep you covered until the end of the term. You have the option to revoke the policy. A perpetual policy will not expire until you cash it out (for instance, in retirement) or pass away, provided you continue to make payments to your insurance company.

Can you have a certain number of life insurance policies?

You will not find any restriction on life insurance policies you can possess. In some circumstances, having many policies can help you prepare for the future in terms of your finances.

Is my life insurance redeemable?

A life insurance policy may not give you an opportunity to cash before you pass away because it does not accrue cash value. On the other hand, the most affordable permanent life insurance policies accrue cash value and let you access that cash value. Your permanent life insurance policy’s cash worth can be used in three ways.