What do I need in Medical examination when buying life insurance ?

life insurance health questionnaire discussion with doctor

Many life insurance policies have made it mandatory to pass a medical examination to verify health.
Life insurance has always been one of the policies more demands for people who hold the reins of a family economy. Before signing the contract to acquire any type of policy, insurers require a commitment to undergo a medical examination. Depending on the company, this type of test will have some characteristics or others.

Depending on the age of the insured, the medical examination will be mandatory. In the event that the age is advanced and there is a greater probability of suffering a death or disability situation, the medical test is surely an essential requirement for the insurance company. To know which insurance requires this type of recognition, it is best to make an insurance comparison.
The medical examination will be mandatory in the event that the future insured wants to take out life insurance with a high capital or if they have an advanced age due to the propensity to contract and develop diseases that can lead to health problems.

In some others, some insurance companies only request a basic questionnaire about the client’s health status without the need for medical certification from a professional. In this case, the company offers its vote of confidence to the future insured, expecting him to respond honestly and sincerely at all times.

The questions included in a health questionnaire template

All the following aspects are considered as data of interest for this purpose:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Surgical interventions
  • Medication

They are not about issues that compromise the privacy of the future insured, but rather seek to assess the risk assumed when insuring a client.
These questions in this questionnaire must be clearly stated without room for free interpretation, in which case they would favour the insured. In any case, the life insurance policyholder must inform the company that he or she suffers from any ailment or has any illness in his medical record. It may be the case that the insurer if the future policyholder

What happens when you lie on the health questionnaire

If for one reason or another, the future insured decides not to answer accurately or honestly in their medical questionnaire, the consequences can lead to very serious problems. The health questionnaire is not limited to being a simple procedure but can lead to legal repercussions.
One of the main reasons the insurance company can refuse not to pay the insured capital is that irregularities or lies are detected in the health questionnaire. US legislation protects the right of insurance companies to know the health status of the insured.

The client is not obliged to answer more questions than he is supposed to answer. Suppose the life insurance company has not prepared its health questionnaire correctly and the insured does not report a specific pathology. In that case, it cannot be claimed that he or she lied in his health questionnaire.