Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance for Seniors

mutual of omaha life insurance for seniors

Whole Life Insurance:

Mutual of Omaha provides permanent life insurance to people aged 45 – 85. Whole life insurance provides coverage that lasts for a lifetime. Along with the death benefit, it also provides a living benefit in the form of cash value. The death benefit can be sued to pay end life expenses, burial costs, and paying off the debts. The benefit amount ranges from $2,000 – $40,000. Whole life insurance is an excellent pick if you wish to buy a policy without a medical examination. There is a fixed premium payment. However, the cash values potentially grow on a tax-deferred basis.

Universal Life Insurance:

Mutual of Omaha offers universal life insurance as a type of permanent life insurance. Flexible insurance options allow the opportunity to adjust the premium payment and death benefit amount as per one’s requirement. The coverage offered is for the lifetime with tax-deferred death benefit and cash value accumulation. An additional point of this policy option is that a portion of the death benefit can be accessed early to cover a chronic or terminal illness.

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Term Life Insurance:

Mutual of Omaha provides Term life insurance that provides coverage for the specified term. This is the simplest and most affordable policy option. The premium payments are fixed throughout the term. The death benefit is given to the declared beneficiaries after the insurer’s death. The benefit can be used to pay for the final expenses, pay off the loans or work as an income replacement for the deceased’s beloveds. Term benefit ranges up to $100,000 and can be acquired by anyone within the age bracket of 18 – 80.