Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance: Get Coverage Now

Living Promise from Mutual of Omaha Whole life insurance comes under the category of permanent life insurance meant to give policyholders financial security and peace of mind. It offers various benefits required to its beneficiaries, including guaranteed death benefits, cash value accumulation, and the flexibility you can personalize the policy as per your specific needs. It aims to provide guaranteed life insurance coverage for life. This kind of insurance is perfect for people who wish to protect their family financially or wish to have a legacy left behind after their death.  

What is Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise  

The Living Promise long-term care insurance plan from Mutual of Omaha aids policyholders in paying for long-term care services. The policyholder can receive care at home, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living facility, and the insurance pays for covered services up to the policy amount.  

The insured can use the Living Promise policy’s benefits to pay for a range of long-term care services, such as home health care, personal care, and skilled nursing care. The policy aims to provide coverage for the policyholder’s whole life.  

The Traditional Living Promise and Living Promise Plus policies are the two types of Living Promise policies that Mutual of Omaha offers. Because the Traditional Living Promise policy has a level benefit, its benefit amount does not alter over time. The Living Promise Plus policy is a variable-benefit policy, which means depending on the policyholder’s age and changes in the long-term care insurance market, the policy benefit amount may rise or fall.  

Both varieties of Living Promise insurance provide a range of features and advantages, such as a death payout, a waiver of premiums, and an inflation protection rider. The plans offer policyholders various payment alternatives, such as a single premium, flexible, and lump sum payment options.  

The Living Promise insurance policies offered by Mutual of Omaha are an excellent solution for policyholders that can save not only their selves but also their loved ones from the exorbitant costs of long-term care services. 

What are the Benefits of the Living Promise

You will find numerous benefits of the policy regarding life insurance. However, consider a Mutual of Omaha policy if you’re searching for coverage providing living benefits. The Living Promise life insurance policy from the company envisions providing policyholders with various advantages and honors, including the capacity to obtain cash value while you’re still living.

Three of the significant advantages of the Mutual of Omaha Living Promise insurance are as follows:  

1. Access to Cash Value  

The ability to receive the policy’s cash value while still living is one of the significant benefits of the Living Promise coverage. This is incredibly beneficial regarding financial jams and requires extra money to cover expenditures.  

The policy offers cash value you can borrow against the payment saved for your Living Promise coverage. Although interest may be charged on a loan, getting the cash you require may be a helpful option without giving up your life insurance policy.  

2. Death Benefit  

Of course, the main goal of life insurance is to give your loved ones a death benefit in the case of your passing. With Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise coverage, ensure that your loved ones will definitely get financial coverage if you pass away.  

The insured can apply a Living Promise policy’s death benefit to any expense, including funeral expenses, debt repayment, or support for your family.  

3. Living Benefit  

The Living Promise policy provides a living benefit and a death payment. Long-term care expenses, such as those associated with in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care, may be covered by this benefit.  

The insured can utilize living benefits up to the insurance limit to supplement any long-term care you might require. If you’re worried about the future cost of long-term care, this could be a beneficial advantage. 

How can I Begin With the Living Promise?  

A life insurance policy called Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise provides both living and death benefits. Your loved ones may utilize the death benefit to assist them in paying for things like funeral expenses and unpaid bills. If you get ill or wounded and cannot work, the living benefits can assist you in paying bills. 

Moreover, you can speak with a Mutual of Omaha agent to begin the Living Promise. You can locate an agent by browsing the business website or phoning the customer service number. Once you own an agent for the policy, you must set up a meeting to review your life insurance needs. During the appointment, the agent will inquire about your family, finances, and health. After that, the advisor will suggest a life insurance plan that is suitable for you.   


Q: What is Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance?   

A: Living Promise from Mutual of Omaha Permanent life insurance, such as whole life insurance, offers coverage guaranteed to last a lifetime. Additionally, this policy provides cash benefits that you will use to pay for funeral costs, settle debts, or increase a loved one’s income.   

Q: What are the benefits of Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance?   

A: Numerous advantages are provided by Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance. These consist of cash benefits, lifetime coverage that is guaranteed, and the option to personalize your insurance to suit your needs. This insurance coverage also allows cash value and tax-deferred growth to accrue.     

Q: How much does Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance cost?   

A: Your age, health, and other personal considerations will affect the cost of Mutual of Omaha Living Plan Whole Life Insurance. Younger candidates can typically anticipate paying less for this coverage than older ones.   

Q: How do I apply for Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance?   

A: Applying for Mutual of Omaha Living Plan Whole Life Insurance is easy. To begin, get in touch with your neighborhood Mutual of Omaha salesperson. They will assist you in making the best decision coverage decision for your requirements and walk you through the application process.   

Q: Is Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance right for me?   

A: The choice to acquire Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life Insurance will ultimately depend on your unique needs and circumstances. If you want guaranteed lifelong protection and financial benefits, consider considering this policy. Additionally, this policy can be a suitable choice if you want to increase cash value.  


Mutual of Omaha Living Promise, Whole Life insurance, is the best option for those looking for a lifelong protection option. The insurance plan offers lifelong protection, assuring that the beneficiaries would receive a death benefit payment following the policyholder’s demise. The policy also provides a cash value component, which can be utilized to pay costs or add to retirement income. In conclusion, Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Whole Life insurance is a solid and trustworthy product that offers lifetime financial security.